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    Dr. Vern

    Hey Everyone,
    The Nerd Groove Ep.1: The Megas and Danimal Cannon go RED is now up for you to hear. I just wanted to drop a quick note to some production issues. The Audio of the speaking portions was recorded away from the Sci-Fried studio and the quality is definitely not as good. Next episode will be back to recording at SFS. This episode was produced By Chuck Silver and I sent the content to him via internet. On Monday evening (We really had to deliver the episode) Chuck discovered that I had not sent the music file for Critical Hit’s ANGRY BIRDS, in our zest to finish the episode on time, we used the converted audio from their recently released Angry Birds video on youtube. But as you’ll hear in this epidsode, Jason Hayes has embedded audio on the track. My apologies. This was my mistake. First Podcast and all 🙂
    All for the good of the material!! Even though hastily assembled, This Episode Features some GREAT New Artists and Songs. Please Share!

    Thanks for Listening,
    Dr. Vern


    Well that covers the one thing about the literal audio quality I was going to mention.

    Have you given thought to playing tracks in blocks of two or three at a time instead of track-talk-track-talk-track-talk? It’s something Marc does on The Real Congregation and Hex did with The Hex Grid. Not saying that it’d be an objectively better choice, but I think it might be worth considering; it can be good to hear a track you might not have heard before without knowing what to expect, or just to hear a solid chunk of music, followed by a solid chunk of talking.

    Regardless, it was a good first episode. I’ll never be interviewed, but let me answer your question anyway: no, I don’t think nerd music is a genre. I think it’s a cultural background that inspires an artist’s instrument and lyrical choices. The styles that nerd music can be heard across are many, but they are styles and genres that already exist. When nerd music started blowing up, we called them subgenres of the genres they sounded like. MC Frontalot was nerdcore hip-hop, JoCo was nerd folk/nerd rock, Metroid Metal was videogame metal, etc. And I think that worked at the time because nobody wanted to say that these new artists were, ultimately, the same as the big stars that existed already. But, while I think that “nerd music” is a good banner term to describe the artists for convenience’s sake, it doesn’t help it be something that “normal people” will really “get”.

    Someone in the Nerdcore Rising documentary had said something along the lines of “A regular person isn’t going to say ‘Hey, I’m gonna listen to nerdcore.’ They might hear one of these guys and go ‘That’s pretty funny, I like this,’ and someone else might say ‘Oh, you like nerdcore.’ And then they’ll go ‘Wuh, what? No way, I like jockcore. I like coolguycore. I’m not a nerd!” I know the ultimate goal of nerd musicians isn’t always to have mass appeal and be famous with millions the world over, but I’m sure everyone would like for more people to, if nothing else, give their music a chance. Sticking “nerd” in front of something immediately creates a certain dismissal and automatic bias against the thing being presented, in the eyes of the average consumer.

    In the same documentary, Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys said “The more you genrify things, it makes what comes after it that much less interesting…Be careful with your own stereotype, it could become a prison.” It’s clear that nerd musicians have fun writing songs about nerdy material, or making songs that have their base in game melodies, or whatever else, and that’s fine. The problem with saying that their music is “nerd music”, however, is that it makes it hard for them to do much else. The first DJ Roborob track I heard was a remix of Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”. Steam Powered Giraffe got a lot of new fans because of a cover of Rihanna’s “Diamond” that they posted on YouTube. The best nerd artists are good musicians in their own rights; they just happen to have certain interests that they bring into their music. By just being artists in the broader genres as we know them, it gives them the freedom to not be judged by one group of people or another for being too nerdy or not being nerdy enough.

    I think I was working towards a point, but then I started playing the documentary to confirm Jello’s name and got distracted, and then it turned out to be 1:30am, so…that’ll do, I suppose.



    Dr. Vern

    Thanks for taking the time to write me. Sorry, it took so long to respond(still a n00b on these forums). You make some great points, especially the part about Normal people getting it. That’s why I want to legitimize the genre. Of itself, I know that opinion has a lot to do with it. I consider Nerd music a bit more broadly than most, and this is why i’ve chosen to present it in this way. Twenty years ago, a musical movement like this would have caught fire with ANR reps and the establishment would have slapped a label on it, then marketed and promoted…That dynamic doesn’t exist anymore. For the Artists that I feature, self promoting and internet have given the Best artists a way to survive and be artists, but for the vast majority, it has to be a fantasy pursuit in their spare time. The ceiling is much higher than most people believe. Weird Al just hit #1 on the charts. My position and belief is that Nerd Music must present itself to the masses as a whole product and then opportunities for artists will increase exponentially. Since most acts simply cannot afford to go out and tour on their own, Raising the profile of the whole genre also means venues and events looking for bookings. All because some “Normal” can suddenly relate to the music and easily “Get it”. There is a little nerd in everyone, It’s my conviction that the musical appeal exceeds niche status. At least it has for the many friends of mine who now have The Grammar Club on their playlists next to Jay-Z and Iggy Azalea.

    Thanks for listening! I appreciate the feedback

    Dr. Vern

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