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    To all fans and friends of and on Nerdy Show, During the Tony and Trench live stream I presented a game for stream to play called the Hedgehog game.

    The rules are simple:
    1) Go to
    2) Search for your own name followed by “the hedgehog” or just “hedgehog”
    3) Find the most horrifying OC that shares your name.
    4) Whoever has the worst one wins, although there are no winner here

    We managed to get Tony, Trench, myself, Ice Abyzz, and Tony’s wife to play. When we suggested Brandon do it Tony said to post it here in the forums.
    So go out and disturb yourselves, and post here if you have the courage.

    PS: I really want Hex to do this for no other reason than it is most fun to do with people who aren’t horrible people

    My other name is Rosswell


    Kyle the Hedgehog Wolf

    Kyle the Hedgehog Wolf

    Steam: Garayur


    Matti the Cat

    I thought my foreign devil name would protect me, but I guess it just means they’ll get the gender wrong…


    Max the Gay Porcupine, by user StefantheHedgehog, everybody:




    The only thing spikeier than a spike is a spike with a spike on the spikey end.



    As another Kyle I’ll say that Garayur definitely got the worst Kyle art.
    The next closest is this fan fiction:

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    For the Commonwealth!


    Okay so Cracked now in on the action:

    Oh and for me their are apparently two OCs, and I’m honestly not sure which is worse:

    My other name is Rosswell


    wow, that is a close call. I’m leaning toward the hogtied one being worse.

    Steam: Garayur

    Ice Abyzz

    Bwahaha. I’m sorry @M I guess you’re not foreign enough.

    Is it wrong that I will now forever think of you as a slightly overweight hedgehog? It’s simplicity compared to other applicants just matches so well with your current profile picture 😛

    If that isn’t the most Edgiest of all edge. I’m actually kinda jealous in a weird way 😛

    I just can’t get over the amount of effort that was put into that picture. I remember being younger and wasting hours trying (and failing) to color in pictures.

    And my vote (if it counts for anything) is for @mopkins. The mix of simple Sonic copy and unexpected flamboyance just cracks me up every time I scroll through the pictures. “Oh boy! gay porn!” may just be my new catch phrase in real life. (not that I’ll be able to use it allot, but sure as hell will try!)

    Now for me. My real name results in nothing and my Nerdy Show handle does nothing so just to be allowed in the game I’m using Abyss.

    Official commentary from the author.
    “This is Rj and this is what he looks like.

    Thought to have died years ago, he made a shocking return to the real world.
    He is…………

    Comments Plz
    No flame”
    I honestly don’t know what else to add to that description, he is… just perfect.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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