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    Finally saw episode 7 this week, and wanted to talk about it. Overall I liked it a lot. It was the film equivalent of a Greatest Hits album: all the things you already like about it, in a new arrangement, with a couple new things in there to remind you they still got it. It wasn’t perfect, but I’m also not at all mad at it. It wasn’t super earth shattering, but anybody that thought they weren’t going to play it safe I think wasn’t paying attention.

    In many ways, it was a direct point for point rebuttal of all the criticisms leveled at the franchise to date: more strong females, more people of color, less racist aliens, more practical effects. Going in I was pretty sure Harrison Ford was going to completely phone it in, but he was great. I expected Adam Driver to be quirky and weird, but not menacing, but he was great too.

    I was both surprised and not surprised by Han dying; I had the same reaction to Ceaser saying “no” in planet of the apes. Like you know it is going to happen, but it still catches you out in the moment.

    I thought the imagery of the destroyer on jakku was awesome; I’d have watched a whole movie of wreck spelunking, maybe with a reptar or rancor stalking Rey through the ruins. Why that planet wasn’t just tattooine again though I couldn’t say.

    I thought Supreme Commander Voldemort was terrible. As a design, as an idea, that was just not a good choice to me.

    It occurred to me after the fact that the saber Rey gets is the cloud city saber; when does Luke recover that?

    Lupitia Nyongo’s character was not great to me. Han talked her up like she’d be Jabba, but instead she was The Oracle from the matrix. I think it was a misstep to not have her be more dangerous.

    Rey’s super quick force mastery was also a letdown. She should have had some kind of instruction to set that up.

    Poe is my new favorite character, and the bromance with Finn was awesome. I want a poe movie.


    I thought Kylo getting beaten by non Jedi at light sabering was marginally believable. I did enjoy the visual symmetry of his fight in that rock canyon mirroring the trench run going on overhead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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