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    A little while ago (dA page is telling me in April, 2011, which makes the total number of strips I’ve done feel even more depressing) I tried to make a stupid little webcomic. In spite of several factors that would make such an endeavour difficult, chief among them being that I can’t draw, I feel I succeeded: It’s little, it’s stupid, and it’s a comic on the web. Anyway, I recently remembered it and decided to try doing it on a more frequent basis than every planetary alignment when I would be struck by cosmic rays and think of a punchline, so I figure I might share it here.

    I could explain what the premise behind it is, but I’m far too lazy at this moment to do so; and I already did it once on the first strip anyway, so I’ll just link to it and let whoever’s interested find out for themselves.

    Assuming I got the link right, you should be able to just click the “Previous” button at the top of the page and go through each strip. Don’t hit the “Next” button. Good god, don’t do that.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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