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    Great episode guys.

    However it’s time for Twothums Two Cents.

    Suikoden is by far my favorite RPG series out there. While I agree with Brandon that the first three games are the best ones of the series, I disagree with him that everything made after that is rubbish. Suikoden 4 was the worst of the series, it had the weakest storyline, and the worst war battle system out of all of them. Suikdoden 5 is good, not the best but it isn’t the typical JRPG tale like Brandon said. In the 5th your the Prince of the Queendom of Falenia, and because of a tradition your sister ends up marrying a douchebag, who cause the indecent which kills your mother and father, gets you exiled, and basically ends up being an evil dickhead. Even in the Suikoden 4 one people had reasons to join you and it wasn’t just I’m the destined one.

    What the 4th one and the 5th one failed to do was introduce something new to the game. The Suikoden 2 introduced the Detective character who you could pay to find characters and give you hints on how to recruit them. Suikoden 3 added a training system where you could make you characters stronger by spending points earned in battle. Both of these were amazing additions to the series that added depth to each character.

    Another thing you see spread out throughout all the games is that characters Vivie, and Jeane. Both of these character never seem to age even though the 4th one takes place 150 years before Suikoden. No one know why yet except that Vivi is the teleporter of the series so it seems she can teleport through time. In fact in Suikdoen 3 you get two Vivi’s a kid Vivi and and adult Vivi. There is also a set of 5 that you get. Suikoden one had the dwarves, Suikoden 2 had the flying squirrels, Suikoden 3 had the dogs, Suikoden 4 had the mermaids, and Suikoden 5 had the beavers and the DoReMi Elves.

    As far as the story being finished, it’s not. The only thing finished at the end of Suikoden 3 is Luc’s story. We still know nothing about the Kingdom of Harmonia except it has the ability to clone people. The mystery of Jeane has never been touched on. Suikoden 5 helped unveil some of the mystery behind the Sindar, and extinct civilization that had an advanced knowledge of Runes.

    One of the coolest ideas implemented in this game is the History books. In Suikoden 3 if you read the books it talks about the wars that took place in the first 2 games. I’m pretty sure the wars that happen in 4 and 5 are spoken about also.

    My order of favorite Suikodens

    Suikoden 2
    Suikoden 3
    Suikoden 5
    Suikoden 1 Mainly because it’s to short
    Suikoden 4

    I think I had more to say but I need to relisten to the podcast to see what that is.

    He touched my balls alot.


    My Brother played Suikoden 2 years ago and I watched some of it. I liked what I can remember of it. It seems to me that JRPG’s have gone steadily down in quality since like FF7 which I even have some issues with. The later Suikoden’s, Star Ocean’s, and Final Fantasy’s and other JRPG games seem to lack mostly in story which in an RPG should be Key. FF6 and FFTactics are my favorites.


    The game was kind of misleading. There are 108 Stars of Destiny to recruit, but not all of them are usable in battles or some participate in military battles but not in standard battles. Then again, some stars have multiple choices. At one point, you get 3 choices to fill 2 star slots and if you get the kraken, you can recruit his wife and child as well who don’t have star associations. Damn it, now I need to dig that shit out and fire it up. Clean, sprite-y goodness

    Stop eating my sesame cake

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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