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    Ice Abyzz

    Why didn’t anyone tell me how amazing this show is!? I’m absolutely baffled how nice, creative and… the word I want to use is “comfortable” this show is. Beautiful scenery and imaginative characters, I’m absolutely in love. I personally just kind of stumbled across these episodes this Easter, saw one episode and thought “this might be cool to watch” and when I got home from work yesterday I absent minded downloaded the first season, not thinking much about it. Turned on one episode “before bed”. Now I’m at work having gotten barely any sleep. I just got sucked into this simple world, and it’s not often I find a show where I like, literally, every character. God its so good. I just love how they are hinting at bigger story in almost every episode, can’t wait to get home and finish what’s out.
    And just a little nerd gush, I absolutely love Pearl, best character.


    I completely agree. I discovered it a week or two ago and I couldn’t stop watching. All of the characters are interesting with complex emotions and histories but they are only slowly explored through the eyes of Steven. Comfortable might be a good word for it. I lean toward innocent or maybe optimistic.

    My favorite character has the be Garnet, especially after “Alone Together” and “Jail Break”. The show does a great job of hinting and slowly revealing this really interesting world which is also very similar to ours. All of the characters of a lot of depth and history but rather than hitting you with it they slowly reveal it over time through interactions and character building often through the eyes of Steven. I love how he takes a lot of things for granted about the gems and the people around him much the way anyone does about their parents. To the viewer everything is strange and interesting but to Steven its just they way things are. It lets them keep things very focused and on a personal level while hinting a revealing the world a tiny bit at a time. Every episode leaves me desperately wanting more.

    They also use the musical numbers brilliantly. They don’t occur in every episode or even most episodes but that just gives them more impact. They reinforce emotions and story brilliantly while being excellent songs in and of themselves. If you love Adventure Time you will love this show. The creator is Rebecca Sugar who did storyboarding, writing, and composing for Adventure time. She is responsible for episodes like “Simon and Marcy”

    Steam: Garayur


    Yeah, easily one of the best shows on television. It’s doing something really important. After the drastic style change from the pilot I was concerned, but the show did a great job of establishing itself and delivering on a developmental pacing, just like Adventure Time did.

    Ice Abyzz

    My face during the last episode.
    Pearl is still best gem.

    You touch on an incredibly good point, the use of Steven as a “plot wheel” is insanely effective as a throttle for plot and world building. Every time they give anything I’m glued to the screen (and I love it when he gets pushy you know you’re going to get something (giant woman!)) but when they are just playing around I’m not frustrated, it feels natural. I didn’t know who this Rebecca Sugar was until this thread but I’m not ashamed to admit that she probably has left me misty eyed (read: crying) more then any person I know. Her handling of flawed characters and difficult subjects is amazing. The Amethyst episode hit me really hard. I’ll be watching her career from now on.

    Were you waiting for this series @Cap? Again, I have not heard anything about this (or if I have it was mostly in passing) so I’m kinda surprised. I checked out the pilot and I can understand concern after the massive style change, but the only characters design I liked more in the pilot was Garnet, others mostly stayed the same or were weirdly messy (Pearl, baby, what are you wearing?) But I’m a huge sucker for stylish cartoons. Adventure time, The Amazing world of Gumball, Regular Show and now Steven Universe all have this super clean art I love.

    Am I the only one SUPER interested in Sadie from the donut shop? I have already gotten way more of her then I expected when I started watching, thought she would be a background c-d character, but she’s gotten so much screen time and I just want more. I don’t even know what I want, her age? her interests outside of donuts? Why is she legit hanging out with an 8 year old? I don’t know but I just want more of her.

    God I’m so addicted.


    The pilot for Steven Universe was aired on TV alongside a much of other pilots (including the likewise awesome Clarence) in May 2013. I caught wind of it ’cause Rebecca Sugar had really been making a name for herself and with Steven Universe she was on track to become the first female show runner/ creator in Cartoon Network’s history. The pilot was amazing and I was an instant fan. You nailed it dude… it was all about Garnet’s design. The change in pallet was also stark, but darn it – Garnet just looked cooler. That said, there’s still people out there being grumpy about the art change and I’m not one of them. The change was jarring and the show’s start was much slower to start than the pilot, but it all paid off.

    Sadie rocks. But everyone rocks. Gems… rocks… GET IT!? But for real though, so many great supporting characters.

    Shaded Spriter

    It was cool in the newest episode we saw another redesign for the Crystal Gems – a younger looking one. I loved Greg song in this episode and Rose Quartz is such a dork. One thing which I seen tumblr spot about it is that none of the gems except for rose have their stars on them yet – but Greg also has a star on his chest.

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    I agree Greg’s song was awesome. I noticed that Greg had the star but I hadn’t realized the others hadn’t.

    The young gem look is really interesting especially since it implies that the gems changed their forms after Steven was born. Its not like they are actually young they have been around for thousands of years. Combined with their shapeshifting powers it seems to imply that they at least partially choose what they usually look like. Did you catch the bit where Amethyst comments on Greg’s hair? And her “adult” form now has strikingly similar hair.

    Steam: Garayur


    “Comfortable” is definitely a wonderful way to put it. Every episode makes you feel warm and tingly inside when it ends. That’s something I love about the show! In terms of characters, I love all of them, though I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t see more of Lapis Lazuli and I hope that’s touched upon again in the future.

    For the Commonwealth!


    the show did a great job of establishing itself and delivering on a developmental pacing, just like Adventure Time did.

    I wouldn’t compare the pacing of those two to each other, really. Adventure Time has a complex backstory that was retrofitted to the world and results in many recommendations for the show involving skipping the first few seasons.

    Steven Universe (and Gravity Falls, too) show what you can do when you take that kind of intricate setting and development of characters and themes and use them as the starting point; when the creator has a clear plot set up beforehand.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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