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    Looks like there is a pretty good sale on for Steam Coop games. Didn’t know if any of you would want to get a group going on one of the games?

    Here’s the link

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    I’m currently playing Borderlands 2 anyway, but then again you have to remember that the game only bills you a little bit for the product itself and then ransoms the game content for full-price purchases.



    Give away the razors to sell the blades?



    BL2 is one of the great offenders, but they already have my money so I’m happy(ish).

    I’m up for joining in on any of those other games. I’ll be sporadic though, so no commitments.



    The sale has less than 30min remaining.
    I grabbed the borderlands goty ed. Cause I’m sucker for the series and I’ve never played the dlc for the first game.




    I just found Borderlands recently, sped through one because two seemed to have more polished endless grinding options… (And because the character balance in the first game’s single player is “Lilith or die”.)

    I have to say, while two usually has more of everything, in my opinion the series was at it’s funniest around the dlc’s of the first game. (And since it’s sold in pieces I’m probably not buying the sequels any time soon, maybe get some goty version for ten bucks in couple of years when I know what the full game will cost.)



    I got BL1 for the 360 at the advice of a friend. Unfortunately we were never able to play co-op and I only played through one time, completely unaware of the end game raids. That being so, I had success with Brick, the tankiest tank that ever did brick, and never bothered with the DLC, until this steam sale that is. This time around I’ll play Roland or Lilith. Their skills support the opposite of my latest play styles.

    BL2’s endless grind is very well polished, and was put together from the beginning rather than wait for the DLC to come out. I got the game as a gift at its release and quickly grabbed the season pass, and later the 2 character classes that were not originally included. I still play it from time to time on my 360.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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