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    In terms of trailers. I am a fan of trailers that don’t show any content or content that is a deleted scene. These days trailer show too much.
    The story, they dropped the ball on it. Under used characters, half plots, missed force moments. Action was good and made me excited but as you all have been saying it wasnt a memorable movie

    I really didn’t want to see tarkin in it as much as he was. A phone call is all that was needed, a hologram would have been nice. Same with vader, he could have choked through the vid link

    As for dougs comment about the battle scene will be a hallmark star wars battle. Only 2 things stand out to me: 1. The bazooka blast to the atat; 2. The unusually large number of rebel ships and troops that managed to get through the shield before it closed

Viewing 241 post (of 241 total)
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