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    There’s a new State of the Empire and with State of the Empire comes WILLOW WATCH. (Though there’s a separate thread for that.)

    Seriously though, we’re curious: How are you folks feeling about Episode VII or Star Wars in general right now?



    I am a little disappointed with the scrapping of the tiered cannons.
    Now it’s possible that Tiny Death Star will have more cannon than Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars because it was produced after Disney’s acquisition.
    I am also assuming this just because it would likely align more with Disney’s vision of Star Wars rather than the customary cannons and the previous decision about Tartakavsky’s Clone Wars.



    @anduin I think the biggest thing hurting Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars is the existence of Lucas’ Clone Wars. Now, I haven’t watched the CGI Clone Wars so I don’t know if they contradict one another or not. If they don’t then… honestly now that Disney has control and the Holocron keeper is overseeing what’s cannon or not, I feel like there’s more of chance of Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars being cannon than ever.



    I watched the first season as it aired and the events basically happen simultaneously with Tartakovsky’s.
    At first, the CGI series seemed to happen between Season 1 & 2 of the clone wars, but as it went on, it just became impossible for that much detail to occur in that time span.

    When the Sith student in the Clone Wars appears in the CGI version and got a rewrite, I effectively gave up on the series.
    Not because it was a bad story, but because it ruined the continuity that lead to Episode 3. For me at least.



    Willow Watch cracks me up every time. I’m pretty neutral on Star Wars at this point, I just hope it isn’t terrible.

    I recently went back and watched Captain EO at Epcot, I hadn’t realized they’d brought it back until I kind of just stumbled across it. That is a fascinating thing when you think about it, both in terms of the production itself, and the story. You’ve got a post-thriller Michael Jackson starring in a Francis Ford Copolla Directed, Lucasfilm FXd 3D experience shot on a one of a kind polaroid camera. I can’t imagine what that cost in 1980s dollars. But the plot is amazing: What you have there is a universe where Space Michael Jackson flies around the galaxy having dance battles with people, and the implication is that he isn’t even good at it! The dude that gives him the mission is all “you Screw up again, EO, and you’re OUT! Got it?!” and he’s all “Come on gang, we can’t let them down again!” Why haven’t we seen expanded universe for that? I immediately wanted to come home and do some sort of thing that continues the adventures of Space Michael Jackson as he goes around using dance magic to serve up the galaxy’s overlords. But then I didn’t…but maybe I should.
    If you haven’t had the pleasure:



    I wouldn’t mind watching the Guy Richie caper film origin of how Han and Chewie got together, but I definitely have no interest in Young Han Solo Adventures.



    @maxacree Agreed. Solo always needs to be a smug badass. I have zero interest in seeing him be a dumb kid on the screen. That’s a waste of valuable resources.



    Captain EO is amazing. I didn’t realize it was back in Epcot. Almost makes me want to add an MJ movie series to this month’s support drive.

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.



    Wait a second…

    You’re telling me that “Darth Vader Calls The Emperor” got put into an official comic?

    I have to read this.





    What if Chris Pine were young Han Solo, and the film follows him as he goes through the imperial academy. He’s an orphan, so he’s a bit rebellious and not the best fit for the culture. Aliens get punched, girls get kissed, spaceships get crashed into other spaceships. I feel like I’ve seen this story, but I’m not sure where…


    Citizen Stu

    To add to the very credible theories that Willow and Captain Eo are all part of the Star Wars Universe I would like to submit the very real possibility that ET is more connected then we know.

    ET is a Jedi

    This explains so much! ET is a jedi!

    An accident prone Englishman living in the Netherlands:



    Ha! @maxacree sparked conversation with this over on our facebook wall. Here’s how @seven (Doug) and I replied.

    Wellll…. not to split hairs here, but E.T. is NO Jedi. That untrained little punk wouldn’t even suffice for a padawan. I mean, don’t get me wrong – the Force is clearly strong with him. But being Foce-adept does not a Jedi make.

    This “theory” is all backwards. If anything, we know that Lucasfilm will put “realistic” aliens into its films. Like the Greys in Crystal Skull. Clearly, real people had seen E.T. when he was visiting earth, and this was during the height of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I suspect that a detailed description or photo of E.T. had gotten leaked in the years leading up to the pre-production of the Phantom Menace, and one of the artists placed him in there to reveal that our government covered up the fact that aliens had indeed visited our planet.

    To be a little clearer, I think this is a case of art imitating life. E.T. clearly takes place in the “real world” because Star Wars exists only as films and toys. WE obviously live in that world, so the revelation isn’t that E.T. is a Jedi, but that E.T. is more real than Star Wars!


    Citizen Stu

    I guess it is true that lifting a BMX bike is no lifting a x-wing out of the swamp. At first I thought ‘What! No way. How can Cap say ET is not a Jedi’ but then I started to think about it and I realized something else that made me think you might be right. When ET gets sick and starts to die so does Elliott. The movie wants us to believe that this is because of their connection and friendship but I now have another theory. Sith life drain! Knowing he was dying ET latched onto the kid he had been using all along and started to drain his life so that he might live. You’re right, ET is no Jedi but he might be a Sith (or just a force sensitive person with very questionable morals).

    An accident prone Englishman living in the Netherlands:



    So what’s everyone’s take on possible influences on Episode VII?

    OF course there is a lot of fan service expected from IV through VI, and there is a butt load of material from expanded universe that will play an affect.
    But my question is directed to new creative sources that the film crew could pull from.

    Hey is speculation, but that is what a speculation podcast is for.



    @citizen-stu I was more saying that the Jedi are a religious order who practice the force in a certain way. Due to the prevalence of the Jedi training basically everyone with a knack for the Force prior to the Empire, Jedi are sometimes synonymous with “any Force-wielder” but there are plenty who can wield the Force naturally. If E.T. did indeed wield the Force he was very powerful, but also had zero training.

    Btw – here’s my favorite E.T. joke (go to 1 minute and 10 seconds):

    I think there’s a good chance that we could see an influence from Gravity on Star Wars. We could see zero-g space stuff that the original films couldn’t dream of pulling off and that the prequels didn’t have the vision to enact.

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