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     photo 2013-02-18_190436.png


    The following is the journal of one Lieutenant Colonel Jack Harriman, edited for publication after being delivered to the Bureau.

    Hello loyal readers! I know I dropped off the grid for the last year or so, but I’m back, with a Vengeance! And with me so too has come adventure! This time around I’ve come to the World of Awesome, not the same as before but a new World, born from the ashes of the former, that has taken the name of it’s progenitor and continued its legacy. There are many adventures here, but I’ve come for a specific one. I’ve come for…

    The Stargate

    Rumoured to be the key to travel between the worlds (and a helova lot faster compared to my more unique method), it is a task worth undertaking for one such as me!

     photo 2013-02-22_142708.png
    I begin my journey spawning into the World of Awesome. My entry point is a moderately sized room with a wide door that opens into this view. The large structure I’m in is clearly a focal point of some sort, as a crowded city surrounds it. It also reeks of subspace particles, a sure sign that it sees a lot of inter-world traffic. I take this to be a good sign for the legendary Gate to be here.

     photo 2013-02-22_142657.png
    I descend the stairs into the city proper and quickly become awash in choices for my path. It is immediately clear that this city was not planned, but grew naturally from the central structure. It hints at the sort of mystery I like to puzzle on my off-time, so I make a note of this before continuing. I decide to head North-ish, as good a direction as any. The buildings are just as crowded here, but they are not as tall, and for the first time since entering the city I can actually look up and see the sky.

     photo 2013-02-22_142735.png
    Unfortunately, it’s not long before I come to a dead end. I hadn’t anticipated the city itself being such an obstacle to navigate. Still, rusty though I maybe, I didn’t enter the adventuring game to be thwarted so swiftly! I begin charting my steps, noting which paths seemingly end going nowhere and searching thoroughly for hidden thruways-of which their are many.

     photo 2013-02-22_142751.png
    On a whim, I decide to go down a narrow ally. What I expect to end quickly in a dead end is surprisingly well lit and opens to this:
    A back way to be sure, but compared to the cramped central city this is wide open. More importantly, I can now see enough around me to properly get my bearings. I’ve moved farther from my starting point, the large and strange fortress this city is seemingly built around, than I had thought. What’s more, from here I can see what I think may be a highway of some kind. If I’m lucky it’ll take me straight out of the city. I just need to get there first.

     photo 2013-02-22_142830.png
    It’s little rewards like this (and the huge piles of loot) that make adventuring worthwhile. I couldn’t tell you what, but there’s something about this statue that just speaks to me. I can honestly say I’ve only seen a small handful of statues like it, but for the life of me I can’t place what it is that so draws me to it. Ah well, I’m nearer the highway now – close enough to see that I was right to think that what it is – and had best get on with this.

     photo 2013-02-22_142833.png
    This is exactly what I was hoping for! I don’t know how far this highway stretches, but it is more than long enough to carry me out of this city. What’s more, it’s even going in the direction I want to go! So even after leaving the city I will have a comparatively easy trek. True, an easy walk may not be *quite* as exciting as a more brisk overland journey, but when you’ve been in the business as long as I you know it’s a blessing. After all, it means you take the time to breath and enjoy the view. To say nothing for reaching the payoff at the end that much sooner.

     photo 2013-02-22_144302.png
    It’s been a few days since my last entry. The highway ends here, turning into a more rustic gravel road. The path seems to lead near some sort of chaos space in the distance, perhaps what is left of a Discorded town. I decide to risk it and continue forward; I can handle myself. And besides, this road hasn’t led me wrong yet.

     photo 2013-02-22_144438.png
    Following the road turned into a mixed blessing. It skirted dangerously close to the Village and I was attacked by the local equines. Fortunately this happened only a few hundred meters from a tunnel – too small for the gigantic Discordian Terrors – and I was able to make it there and lose them before they were on me in force. The real blessing though was that it led me to this. Some sort of temple, possibly Egyptian, with a small cottage near. It’s unlikely this temple is what I’m looking for – Most Stargates are reportably kept on comparatively small platforms – but information on them is often found in Egyptian structures. What’s more, I can just barely see a thin smokestack coming from the cabin, likely from the chimney. I decide to take a risk and approach, It is likely that whoever’s there is a caretaker of some kind. And even if he isn’t, he can probably help get me on the right track.

    As I approach I and can see more of the temple I slow. It’s a lot bigger than my first, brief glance had suggested. It also seems to have some kind of obtrusion sticking out from its top. It’s…


    Oh, Mother of God.

     photo 2013-02-20_154556.png

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Dear god.

    Now you just need an admin to throw in some nether portal squares inside.


    Or use waterfalls (form over function)

    Edit: Nevermind. Saw the other pics 😛

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    Updated first post. Still saving the second one for somethign special I’m planning on up sometime this weekend.

    Also, for the purpose of providing a certain degree of scale…

     photo 2013-02-22_231646.png

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I filled in that second post now! And for those interested (and but having found it yet) here’s the gallery for all my pictures from this build:

    Later this weekend I’ll probably also talk about the actual building part of this build, so look forward to that! (And don’t forget that you can ask me anything about it and I’ll do my best to include your questions then.)

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Okay, time to lay some facts down about this build. Now in 60% more point form!

    – I have no idea how many blocks went into this thing.I am willing to commit to a number somewhere in the kergillions, though.
    – The gate has a diameter of 178 blocks, with the inside of the ring having a diameter of 146
    – The platform itself is 225 blocks wide and 186 blocks long
    – All 9 Chevrons are fully functional and attached to the DHD
    – Only the first 7 Chevrons are required for the Wormhole to turn on; if you want to dial Pegasus or whatever that ship from Universe was called, you’ll need to do those Chevrons before finishing the first 7!
    – It has all 39 symbols on it, including labels! The Symbols are also 2-sided, meaning you can see them on either side of the gate (The Chevrons are only front-facing)

    Okay, enough of that, now more general stuff. In terms of build time, this took me, I think, a little over 2 weeks. During that time I had at *least* 2 FULL build days, where I basically spent every ounce of free-time I had in Minecraft. Of this time, by FAR the most time consuming part was making the Chevrons. After the initial bout of figuring out how they should look, I also had to figure out how to rotate each one, figure out the wiring for the Pistons and the Lamps AND do all this without disrupting the underlying symbol (which incidentally means Wiring could not be simply mirrored).

    In terms of planning, I had a paint file with the size and shape of the outer and inner edges of the ring, A Chevron file I used to *try* and help with figuring that mess out, and 2 reference picks; one for the gate symbols and an HD pic of the gate itself for figuring out things like positioning.

    In terms of glitches, while there were initially numerous redstone buts that had to be worked out (another time sink) they have as far as I’m aware all been taken care of. However, because of the size and distance of the gate relative to the DHD, there are 2 graphical bugs I’ve noticed regularly. First of all, everything looks as intended when turning on. However when it’s night time and your turning it off, The redstone Lamps in the Chevrons do not always update correctly until you move quite close to them or else reload the chunk. I’ve never observed this happening during the day, but it seems fairly common (but not guaranteed) at night. The second graphical update bug, which happens when you turn off the gate at any time of day, is that you can not see the water that makes up the Event Horizon drain and dissipate at a distance. Again, if you’re close enough, you can see it cleaning itself up, but the max render distance before running into this bug is slightly smaller than the radius of the inner edge of the gate, meaning that if you sit (or swim…or fly) in the middle of the gate, you can still see slivers of tall water were it shouldn’t be just at the Gate’s inner edge.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Here’s a pic I took of that the other day before Kao finished wiring the inside and constructed the DHD.

     photo Minecraft_Stargate_zps8e93353e.png

    MjollnirMK86 on the Server of Awesome. Formerly Polysics.

    "I'm just breaking the laws of physics. It's no big deal."


    Speaking of extra picks, here’s another one to add to the collection: A specially sized and posed screenshot for use as a Desktop Wallpaper! (Originally taken so I could use it on my own.)

    Stargate minecraft Wallpaper photo Stargate.png

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    …And another thing (since post lag means I can’t edit my previous post atm)! While I was at it I decided to make a second Wallpaper shot with the gate turned on. I think this one really turned out well, if I say so myself.

    Stargate Minecraft Wallpaper 2 photo Stargate2.png

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I had a couple of screenies as well:

     photo 2013-02-21_222320_zpse63fe1e6.png

     photo 2013-02-21_222535_zps804ab5b7.png

     photo bc9c9e3e-e4db-431b-ad3d-f808393f96b7_zps96836c94.jpg

     photo 2013-02-21_225650_zps8bac1c18.png

     photo 2013-02-21_223833_zpsffaa9d47.png

     photo 2013-02-21_230300_zps5c62be96.png

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