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    IT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and now that Call of Cthulhu is recorded, holding a NEW RPG $upport drive where YOU choose the next system we play. Find out how to get involved here:

    Star Wreck is a little-known system that took last year’s RPG support drive by storm! In the words of @M, the fan who initially proposed it: “The game is in essence Star Trek parody, if the federation was composed utter cowards and fools. The characters are rather inefficient and continue to become more so as they level up, raising statistics such as clumsiness, obliviousness and stupidity, something they counter by gaining special abilities along the way such as the Vulgar Butt Pinch.” You can read more about the system here:

    Our Live Programming Director John La Valle (who you may know from the occasional Nerdy Show episode) has a character he’s dying to play should this system win this $upport drive: Brad – the ship’s Christian Science Officer. You can read Brad’s full bio here: and if you;d like him to rock the pillars of your pragmatic beliefs, then make sure you support Star Wreck!

    Discuss the system here!


    I would have given my support to Star Wreck if I hadn’t run back to Mass Effect in a fit of passion.

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    I think people lose interest in Star Wreck by the time they get to the lame sample monsters. I even tried to run a short community game on it, but suddenly everyone on the topic went totally quiet which was super awkward.

    The game takes a bit gm intervention for a nice plot, it’s definitely not for hack & slash. Also, it’s not a game you would want to run forever or really get into, but it’s a fun simplified set of rules to run single podcast on.

    Kinda makes me feel like I’m voting on some sort of two-party system here, almost makes you want to just wait out the super-popular ones before trying for these.


    @M Heck no! Star Wreck got some real traction last time. If you think it’ll make for a solid gold 1-shot then keep preaching the good word like Christian Science Officer Brad would want.


    Man, I have to admit, Brad is pretty damn awesome… I mean… as long as you’re just listening and don’t have to actually play with or gm him, then he’s a terror made flesh.


    And you thought Brad was rad…. Meet Darko Drhawwn played by Wicked Anime’s @Wonder-Twin he’s a helmsman with ROBOT HANDS.

    Read Darko’s bio here!


    Damn man… robot hands…

    I noticed that some people are also charmed by the promise of some robot hand on exploding panel action. I can’t really not donate then when it’s already gotten some new solar wind under it’s space-sails (impulse engines are expensive).

    But seriously people, with the extra characters they’re already half-way there, and there’s already religion AND robot limbs on the table. (And people do not mess around when it comes to subjects like religion and robot hands.) Throw some money at the federation, people, you know them socialists can’t manage their fiscal policy without your help and it’ll certainly be an… experience.


    Speaking of Firefly…

    I just wanna put a character here that a friend did for a Star Wreck game I ran, had lot of fun with that one. Be inspired.

    Captain Hal-Com ‘Hal-Com ‘Hal’ Ranolds’ Ranolds

    “A human from the human capital of Tampere, Hal-Com was brought up on a farm near Tampere mostly by 10 servants. This is odd, since there are no farms near Tampere nor are there servants in the homogenized human society. Never the less Hal-Com knew since birth that he was destined for great things. Well, he was destined to things, at least. Achieving his ambition of becoming a captain in the P-fleet after flunking the entrance exams multiple times, he shows some resentment over the fact that people seem know he’s a bumbling fool. Dead set on proving them wrong, he captains his ship towards the great unknown!
    Hal-Com is known to wear a brown coat over his uniform. The coat used to be white. He never talks about it. Or washes it.”

    He holds the rank of Captain (pending demotion) on the CPP Chernobyl, it is due to no small part his poor example that the dress code is rather lacklusterly enforced on the ship. At battle ‘Hal-Com ‘Hal’ Ranolds’ (for short) favors strategies that put as many lower ranking crew members between himself and the enemy as possible, so he has developed rather considerable talent ensuring that he always has an ample supply of redshirts available.


    NICE. The parody can expand in all directions!


    Speaking of Mass Effect….
    Wait… no one was talking about M.E. here.

    I guess that is because Star Wreck is WAY more awesome in every meaningful way and should be placed above M.E. in the “Recent Topics” postings.

    Just ask any Christian Science officer. They could explain it to you.

    John Sebastian

    “It is all part of God’s prime directive.” – Brad, Christian Science Officer

    Twitter: @JohnSebastian | Blog/Tumblr: | Nerdy Show Director of Live Programming/Producer for Nerdy Show LIVE!


    Only few hours left.
    NOW is your time to come through for the Federation!

    Every little bit helps!

    Did you know some third of ship to ship combat rules consist of calculating intentional ramming?
    Did you know that an Omnipotent Dork encounter is a valid adventure scenario?
    Did you know that the Ferrets are in no way based on any negative earth stereotypes… no way.. the whole idea is insulting! And then they try to cheat you out of your money, the little bastards.
    Did you know giving a long winded speech can be a character special ability?
    Or that humans have the mysterious power to appear as any other race in the galaxy, just by gluing some plastic bits in their foreheads?

    None of these epic things are touched upon on sensible well structured rpg´s, and why would you want sterile proper rpg in a Nerdy Show podcast? That would be like podcasting a riveting chess match. Nope, you want garbled nonsense filled with lame, sometimes offensive, geek jokes only you will understand – thrown together with zero budget by some nerd with way too much time in their hands.

    So go throw some money in Star Wreck! Even if it won´t win I´ll give the two highest last day Star Wreck donations an additional Microsode.
    I can do that.
    I have powers.


    Also note that at this point in the game, any dollar given to anything besides Star Wreck is a digital dollar for a cybernetic troll to use to wipe his ass with.

    Just structure that mental picture of a troll named Grundle Taint committing this act.
    Imagine it again.

    A Troll wiping his ass with your money.

    A Troll wiping his ass.

    Ok…, maybe a troll wouldn’t wipe his ass, but that is exactly what is happening in your mind now if you give money to anything else but Star Wreck.





Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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