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    The SoA Trades Page:

    We’ve officially launched our long-planned Trade System on the SoA.  We’ve been calling it the “Class System” in the past, but we’ve switched to “Trade” so as to not suggest that these abilities give anyone more rights than another player – they do not.  More abilities, yes, but we’re all accountable for our actions and no player is better than another.

    Anyone who currently has a Trade from before the launch will have to reapply.  If you’ve helped us beta test the Trades you’ll be readmitted promptly. Really sorry about this, but we want to make sure that the playing field is level and we’ve got the same info from everyone.

    If you want to become an honorary citizen of the Server of Awesome or assist with the community then you can apply for a Trade. “Prospector” is the basic server membership and opens up chest locking and community warps. “Shopkeep” is a more restricted trade, capable of spawning material kits – they have a responsibility for maintaining community material centers. Other invite-only trades include Lawmen (protectors of the SoA) and Architects (master builders).

    Access to restricted trades can be earned by anyone who makes the SoA their home. Become a member of the community in good standing, and earn greater responsibility. Basically, if you’re a part of the community, have been for a long enough time, and you’ve proven yourself trustworthy and responsible enough for the requested position, you’ll get it.

    The basic Trade amenities are:
    Lockable chests and doors
    The ability to warp to a selection of community destinations
    The ability to set a home warp (also in vanilla)
    The ability to use the /back command to go to the last destination you traveled from

    The application process involves filling out an online form and agreeing to play by the official rules of the SoA:

    The rules are very straightforward and based on common sense. If you’ve been playing with us for any amount of time I think you’ll find them to your liking.  If you’ve got any questions about them, or anything you think I should add – post here!

    A lot of the application process is essentially being able to hold players accountable for their actions. There will be effectively neutered players who aren’t registered (to protect the server) and then official community members. Also, in that rare instance where there is a problem with someone in the community they’ll be in violation of a clear set of community rules.

    Now, at long last… THE APPLICATIONS:

    “Prospector“ – Basic server membership and opens up chest/door locking and community warps.

    Being a “Prospector” on the SoA means that you’re a full-fledged inhabitant of the server, and a community member in good standing. Think of it as the basic membership. You like surviving in the wilderness, making your own way, but you’re afforded a few luxuries that can help you protect your belongings and participate in the community.

    “Shopkeep“ – A more restricted trade, capable of spawning material kits. Shopkeeps have a responsibility for maintaining community material centers.

    Being a “Shopkeep” on the SoA means that you’ve made a commitment to serving the community. With your kits you’re entrusted to build at least one community Materials Center and maintain it.



    I look forward to being able to apply for a Trade officially. I’ve been saying it since this was first floated, but I’d love to be a Shopkeeper. I suppose I will make my case when applications open!

    I think that the rules look good — they seem to be more or less what we already do.


    Nice! they are here!


    So, here’s how this is going to go down, if you already have a trade and have not filled out the form by this coming Monday (that gives you two days) your trade will be removed. If and when you fill out the form, we will reinstate your trade as quickly as we are able. If you want to be sure we see it, just go ahead and send me a message here on the site. I can generally update server stuff within an hour or so, in fact, I really do recommended just sending me a message after you fill out the form. Cool, see you guys in world.

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.


    Those are both invite-only, which is why they are not linked.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    OK, I have purged the list of non-registered trade users. Once again, when you fill out the form just send me a message and we’ll get that taken care of.

    In other news I have some basic no frills maps of the server.

    New Spawn area map (unfortunately this is a week old, and there’s been tons of building by new spawn since then.

    Old Spawn area map

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.


    So since we went vanilla the trades haven’t been particularly useful, except for the whole letting you go anywhere outside of new new new spawn without being debuffed to hell. That is starting to change however, architects can now change their game mode via a pressure plate set up in gamma spawn. The game mode station is located on the opening floor where all the rails meet in one of the corners.

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.

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