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Sith Pride

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    And here is the second thing. This one I am a lot more proud of, but I built it before the contest started, so there was more time for it.

    My Sith Temple, built in the style of the Massassi temples of Yavin IV with some statues in the style of Korriban.

    I took some progress shots on this one. The first step was to clear a 100×100 space for the build, marked by glowstone. Lots of TNT was involved in flattening the area.

    Next, I filled in a platform of stone.

    After that, I built up in layers.

    Finally, the exterior of the temple was completed.

    The top of the final spire is meant to be reminiscent of a holocron; Sith holocrons are pyramids, and Exar Kun (from the original Old Republic comics) used a Sith holocron to warp the minds of a group of Jedi, turning them against their masters in his bid to take over the Republic.

    The outside of the temple is covered in patterns. Sith temples were supposed to act as focal points for the Dark Side of the force, through a combination of Sith spells worked into their construction and the life force of the worshippers within.

    The inside of the spire is a little different. From the ground, the interior of the pyramid forms a pattern.

    Looking down from the spire, you can see the broad strokes of the decorations.

    The spire is held up by four statues, each of which is like a miniature Atlas, the world on his shoulders. In the center is a glowing pointed statue. When lured into the Sith ruins on Korriban, Exar Kun found himself confronted with a crystal filled with the captured force-energy of fallen foes. It was there that the Sith Lord ghost leading him on brought down the ceiling, forcing him to choose between dying alone in the rubble and giving himself to the Dark Side completely.

    The power of the Sith radiates from the spire, filling those within with strength and speed. Which is good, because the lower portions of the temple are incredibly dangerous.

    The entire lower portion is a gigantic arena, full of monsters. Having given himself to the Dark Side, Exar Kun was led to an ancient Yavin IV. The inhabitants, descendents of the Massaassi Sith warriors, captured him and forced him to fight a giant Sith Worm in the arena beneath a temple. Exar Kun prevailed by harnessing the power of the Dark Side (and some ancient Sith artifacts), gaining the fanatical loyalty of the Massassi. It was they who built his temples, the very same that would later house the Rebellion as they hid from the Empire.

    The temple would hardly be complete without villages to support it. I built, non-canonically, for element-themed villages near the temple, each marked with Sith Statues.

    There is the water village:

    The fire village:

    The air village:

    And the earth village, hidden deep in the jungle:

    Finally, here are a couple of shots that I just think are cool, because it reminds me of the Massassi temples on Yavin IV, hidden in jungle, dark promises for the future.

    It is hard to estimate exactly how long this took. Clearing the land and building the initial platform took most of a day, but the majority of the shell was built in a second day. The interior has been worked on slowly over time, and the villages each took about a day (except the earth village, which was easier).

    This was one of my favorite builds of all time on the server, and even if it doesn’t count for the contest, I’m glad I finally got around to sharing it.

    Best of luck, everyone!

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