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Shadows of Opposition

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    @Cap: fair ‘nough! Good to know.

    @Armadon: Oh, man. I’ve no idea.

    I am thoroughly sad that <Redacted> in the next episode (which I’ve now heard up to 1.5 hours).

    Otherwise, I just… like the B-Team! All of ’em!

    As a character, I think that Krath is, kind of coincidentally, the ‘Vimak’ of the group – not because he’s a Goliath, but because he’s the moral compass (most of the time).

    Izzy is far too adorable for her own good.

    Ryll is a perfect rogue, and surprisingly loyal to her friends, and surprisingly moral… well, sometimes.

    Deen is… excellent prat-fall-style comic relief.

    Every time I try to narrow it down, one of the alternates comes up, and I like them.

    Of them, I think that Ryll… maaaayyy… be… my… favorite? …, though Izzy’s abilities and play style is great.

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Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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