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Shadows of Opposition

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    Is anyone else having issues with the download? I’m anxious to listen!


    Nope, both the iTunes feed and webstream both seem to work fine for me.

    Courage TFM

    Sage Zer0

    Loved this episode, I am really starting to like the new group

    Downward Spiral

    I’m definitely very interested in seeing how this new group will interact with the heroes we know. Reminds me of the classic comic book crossovers where, like, the X-Men would wind up fighting the Avengers or something because of some weird mutual misunderstanding or what have you. Plus, we got to see Jamela and Lefty’s tearful reunion. Already I’m looking forward to the next episode. But yea, this one was definitely worth the wait.


    I AM SO HAPPY NOW!!!!!! 🙂

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    Love the new party. I am looking forward to more adventures from the new group. The gnome is too cute!


    Okay, I’m confused. There are three party members, yes? Yet the Man in Black consistently refers to the group as “You Four”. Do they have a ghost in the party, or what?

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    Arkyrion, that was a flub, we’re currently working on correcting that for future listeners. Also, Delphi in the comments of the episode page asked if part of the reason why the episode was so delayed was because of the new party, and I answered his and probably some of ya’lls questions:

    Delphi, don’t worry in regards to the new team and releases. The delay was partially finding the right people (actually their schedules are more open than ours!), but mostly it was the summer con circuit, it really messed with our scheduling and time to not only record, but to edit. Frankly it just fell at a bad time, and any other DnD would have been as delayed. But since we kept you guys waiting for so long I’ll give you some insider info, the next episode is in the can, it just needs to be scored, and me to edit and mix it once the score is done… So look forward to that releasing next month, on time!

    Gen Doukeshi

    Got to listen to this on my long caffeine-fueled drive across the state this morning. I loved this episode for the most part! The new group has great chemistry and they all seem to be interesting characters in their own right. I like getting to see more backstory to the whole affair while still hearing a new story.

    My only real complaint though is the inclusion of the Dethlehem track. Why was that in there exactly? It’s the only non-“DnD Music Crew” part of the episode. It really feels shoehorned in. I would associate something fast and heavy like that with some kind of action sequence, but they didn’t really do anything active immediately before or afterward. It just feels weird that it’s SUDDENLY METAL!!1!one

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hankering for horse meat…


    I almost fell out of my chair with the “Look, I’m the brains, you’re the brawn, and she’s the bait! We have a good dynamic here, let’s not mess with it!” line. 😆


    Yeah, that flub was totally my fault. I got ahead of myself. I’ll put out the word when we’ve got a fixed version out.

    @Gen Doukeshi
    We do strive to include non-score tracks at good times so it’s not forced, so they feel like a part of the experience. Thanks for your thoughts dude! We feed on feedback.


    HeavyDevil sent us some awesome fan art of Izzy!

    Check out everything else at our reconfigured fan love page:
    There’s even a D&D audio remix by dayofthehippo that’s kinda like those clip tracks from 90s films soundtracks. Boffo!


    EDIT: Awesome fan art!

    Only part way through the episode, but the new group is pretty awesome!

    Just a quick check to clarify, as it’s been a long time, and I lack too much time to go check, but…

    … didn’t the ‘Man in Black’ control the gnolls in the first place?

    I seemed to recall that he sic’d them onto the wizard’s tower in the first place.

    EDIT: I could be wrong, but that’s what I recall learning the first time they ran into the tower.

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    @Tacticslion Yes – that was a thing that happened. I suppose without spoiling anything I could say that 1) The Man in Black is playing everyone and 2) Gnolls aren’t a tremendously unified race. One hit squad of them doesn’t mean he’s aligned with all of them.


    Tacticslion, Who is your favorite B-team member thus far? i ask now cause i will ask in the follow up episode

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