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    Hate to break it to you Mop, but that post had a single period.


    Oh darn!

    For the Commonwealth!


    So I feel like this is a good a place as any to talk about the cluster-fuck of crowdedness that is new spawn. So it’s gotten to the point where the entire area around it brings my game to a slowed pace and certain areas bring it to an absolute stop. Perhaps now would be the time to start de-centralizing some of the more load heavy structure before it gets any worse.


    I’m not having too much trouble, although I think I’ve narrowed down one major source of slowdown to that one shop (curlz’s old one, I think) where the roof and 3/4 of the walls are jack-o-lanterns. And when active, I’m pretty sure that rotating lighthouse in the water is a big lag-magnet. I know the one I built a while ago caused quite a bit of lag to anyone near it until I sealed up the redstone better. (Most likely the lag was due to the rapid re-calculating of light levels over too large an area – from the rapidly blinking redstone torches.)


    I cant seem to connect to the server- is it just me? If it is I am sure I will be able to log on soon enough.

    For the Commonwealth!


    me too

    Ninja awesome


    Reports of griefing should be made to lawmen/admins on the server, or through PM here on the forum. Publicly declaring such suspicions can make it harder to catch the people doing it, and may serve to encourage griefers who like to be talked about.

    I am neither a lawman or an admin, so all I can offer you is condolences.


    @unholyd lingarn is exactly right and as such I’ve deleted your posts. Please in the future PM either a lawman such as myself or an admin like Cap or Jon about this sort of issue. Posts about it on the forums will be deleted as we have a policy against publicly discussing Griefing (including suspected griefing) on our server.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I’m back! I made it to the new forums and I’ve finally got a new copy of minecraft! … I’m still a lawman?


    @studiomilam Returning in brilliant form. Welcome back Lela- …studiomilam!

    Michael Goguen


    My friend VashSoltek isn’t able to interact with anything on the server. I just helped him get to Gamma spawn. Is there something on the server side stopping that? I had him log into Minecraft on one of my machines here at my house and he still having the same issue.

    Michael Goguen

    @cap I should have mentioned you in the last comment to get your attention 🙂


    @Michael lol, looks like the defenses still work. I’ve added your friend to the ‘regulars’ list. Server should no longer consider VashSoltek as an enemy of the state.

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.


    @supergogart See above! Thanks for reaching out!

    Thanks for that!



    Sounds like the server still exists?

    Despite what my username says, I am certifiably flawless.
    Please echo "all complaints and suggestions" > /dev/null.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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