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    To access the server go to:

    The new Server was launched on 11/20/11

    Please keep lava-based structures away from spawn.


    By venturing into the world of the Server of Awesome you hereby acknowledge the rules of the land.

    For Server of Awesome articles, maps, and more:

    Take up a Trade!

    If you want to become an honorary citizen of the Server of Awesome or assist with the community then you can apply for a “Trade”. Trades are the job class system within the server. More info an applications here:


    Is the server down? Are you experiencing some kind of glitch or anomaly that you cannot fix yourself? Is there an evil doer to report? (Or a time we should check the logs for).


    Want to VOICE CHAT with other players? Try our Ventrilo server:

    Have you crafted something of magnificence or gone on a great adventure that you’d like to share in a future Nerdy Show Minecraft article?

    Post it on the forums!

    Server of Awesome Lawmen:

    Server of Awesome Admins:
    Arkais: Arkais
    Brandon: kiron0
    Cap: CapBlackard
    Colin: MusicalJinn
    Jon:  cpt_fletcher
    Kaymonstar: Kaymonstar
    Kristen:  ckrickett
    Luke: CleverRecords
    Tony: Tonythetallone


    And of course you can’t forget: Server Etiquette

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Shouldn’t it be mentioned that Hex isn’t actually an admin? He revoked his own status of that way back in alpha, I believe.

    For the Commonwealth!

    Fenrir Gochad

    The trades are really cool, I should start playing again… As long as no one lights my boat on fire this time XD


    I would have liked to make a new thread about this, but it says i cant, but here it goes: I’ve had enough of all of these Aaron-mopkins rape jokes. seriously. Ha Ha. I. GET. IT. Aaron isn’t liking it either. I am tired of having to remove signs from my inn that are signed “~Aaron.” Thank you.

    For the Commonwealth!


    To make a new thread you actually have to click the link to the subforum, located under the list of topics on the main forums page, to which you want the thread to go under. You can’t add topics from the main Nerdy Show Forums page.

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace


    Oh good, I’m not the only one who is tired of it. However, wouldn’t it have made more sense to protest it in the fanfic thread of this topic?


    I just realized that I no longer have a /kit command. was this intentionally taken away?

    For the Commonwealth!


    on be haft of SOA Police Force i want to ask for a Thread for seen griefings

    Ninja awesome


    No; It is SoA and Forum Policy to NOT post about Griefers as to discourage them by NOT immortalizing their actions. If you catch a Griefer you should tell a Lawman or Admin, either on the server or by PMing one here on the forums. This usually results in a ban, helps ensure we properly examine the situation and completely shuts down the griefers getting any sort of recognition.

    It is also worth mentioning that The “SOA Police Force” is unaffiliated with the Lawmen and server administation at large. There’s no problem at all with forming such a group (though the name might be problematic), but please be sure to not lord power you don’t have over others. We’ve had that problem in the past and it generally results in being demoted.

    Also note that, as usual, I am not speaking 100% for the group but rather for myself and based on my understanding of the group to which I belong. If Cap or Jon or whoever wants to come along and overrule me, take their word above mine.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I look at their group as a form of a neighborhood watch or something similar. Eyes on the street kind of thing, but Kao is right that we shouldn’t make any potential griefers a public spectacle, sending a PM on the forums or /msg on the server works just as well.


    @spacevagrant I have a similar point of view. I just want to avoid a misunderstanding from having a name like that.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    hey server of awesome my name is mitch AKA mcstalker89 in minecraft I would love it if you let me get unban. yesterday you guys said if i get on the forme i had a chance to get unban can you guys at least let me on till next monday you and if you guys dont think i am good on the server you can tell me i am ban but just give me a chance plz 🙂

    mcstalker89 🙂 😐


    thanks Kao

    Ninja awesome


    Is it me or did that entire post have absolutely Zero Punctuation Pictures, Images and Photos ?

    For the Commonwealth!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)
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