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    @rjlikins The IDW comic series explains this too, but basically, Egon says that the video game packs were always considered experimental, and decided they were too unstable to use. I guess that would explain the overheating problem in the game. Man, those things would cook.

    This is also why I brought the overheating problem into GBR. If the gang fires too many Boson Darts from a standard Nutrona Wand, it’ll melt. However, if they buy and build a Boson Cannon, they’d have a “safer” option.

    We can’t wait to bring you Season 3! With work and real life constantly needing more attention, we don’t currently have a solid release date or schedule in mind. But rest assured, playing and recording episodes are in full production.

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven


    @rjlikins Same goes for Lightning Dogs. We’re deep into work on it and we don’t have a date yet but when it hits, it’s gonna be full speed ahead.


    @doug I recently (aka before xmas) bought the franchise kit for the Fredericksburg Area Ghostbusters (yeah, I noticed the acronym the other day, it was NOT intentional). I’m not currently running a game, as much as I’d like to, but when I do I’d like it to be in continuity with GBR. That said, there are a few things I was wondering that aren’t directly addressed in the released episodes. (This is very nerdy, I hope you don’t mind :P)

    1. In episode S1e7 “King Takes Knight” You stated that Wall (with his ridiculous see roll) could see the energy of the flying knights through the UCF buildings with the goggles, however in S2e15 “Fur On” you said that the goggles couldn’t see PK energy through stone (Did I mention I’ve listened a few times?) Are there actual physical limitations on what you can see with the ecto-goggles, or is it solely dependent on how well the player rolls?

    2. Werewolves subquestions
    There are a few questions I have every time I listen to these episodes
    a. Is Billy the only Positively charged werewolf? That seems to be implied, but is not explicitly stated.
    b. If he is, why weren’t the punks similarly effected? I actually have a head-canon* about this, but I wouldn’t mind “Word of God”.

    3. Exactly how Canonical are the epilogue episodes? Also, can Beetlejuice be summoned from containment? (that’s mainly curiosity, but you never know…)

    I have a few more things, but they’re mainly comments on player decisions rather than world building, So I’ll hold on those.

    Thanks, and I love the work all of you do,

    *Head-canon: The punks had the slime administered through the darts, then a standard transfusion. That gave them just enough to neutralize the infection. Billy got a full transfusion with a constant slime drip, which pushed him past neutral into positive.


    @rjlikins Happy to answer any questions! The nerdier the better!

    1. When I told Wall he couldn’t see the PKE through stone, I’m assuming it’s because they were underground looking for werewolves. The way I figure it, the more physical mass between you and the source of PKE, the harder it is to see. PLUS it depends on how intense the PKE is, what class the ghost/creature is, AND how well the player rolls. Lots of variables. In my mind, werewolves are powerful corporeal beings who don’t “emit” a lot of PKE. Tracking them in a patch of woods would be easier than tracking them through all the dirt, steel, and concrete in an underground sewer system. The UCF Knight statues were highly charged non-corporeal entities who were flying through the sky past modern buildings (many with windows). At least, that’s how I reasoned it at the time. But no. I have no “can’t see through X” rule when it comes to the goggles. The basic function is night vision, and it can track visible or invisible PKE signals through objects depending on thickness and the strength of the PKE being emitted.

    2A. After his transfusion, yes. Billy is the only positively charged werewolf.

    2B. Your head cannon explanation is pretty damn close! Yes, the difference is that the punks were shot with darts first to completely subdue them, THEN after transforming back to human form, they received a “slime transfusion” to counteract the negative PKE in their body. Once the PKE was “filtered out,” they immedietly received a complete transfusion of human blood. After all, no normal doctor would pump a person full of slime and just leave them there. So they’re technically cured. 100% human now. Billy however was their first attempt. He only got a partial transfusion with positive slime. So while the PKE in his system has diminished, it’s now under the influence of the positive slime still in his bloodstream. Thankfully, it’s not psychomagnotheric slime, so it won’t be affected by his mood, or the mood of people around him.

    3. As far as I’m concerned, the epilogues are 100% canonical. So far, at least. I look at them as a kind of “treat” for me to reveal what other famous ghosts also exist in their universe. The moment they figure it out… man. Their faces are priceless.

    But heck, if you want to play in the GBR universe and use The Ghost With The Most, you could just say he’s escaped because Briggs screwed up somehow. Or just say that he’s a rare exception of a ghost who can escape the containment unit if someone says his name three times. Normally, he’s there to coax you into saying it for him. But if he’s in the containment grid, someone would have to read his name somewhere else on their own. Or see it written once, then accidentally say it three times. Or even by reading about something completely different, and pronouncing it wrong.

    Or do your own thing altogether! Screw the GBR canon! All that matters is if your players feel like Big Damn Heroes and have ALL the fun.

    And you have a few more questions? Fire away!

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven

    Kristine Chester


    Is that Fredericksburg, Virginia by any chance?

    While I may be the founder of the Southern California Ghostbusters branch, circumstances had me move back to the east coast and to the Fredericksburg area last year. I ask A.) Because I had to and B.) If you do start up a game and have room in your heart and at your table for another player, color me interested. Never played GB RPG on the player side of the screen before and have been very sad to lose my GB branch.

    PS: And if nothing else it’s good to know I’m not the only one who has listened to the podcasts far too often. I know what everyone has filling their respective gear slots.

    PPS: Good name for the branch, such an unfortunate acronym.



    It’s good to hear from a local!

    I would welcome someone with experience into a group, I’ve never GM’d anything other than a 1-shot D&D module, So I could use the help.

    I also have no idea how to find people. I need a kick in the pants to get anything off the ground, so if you or anyone in the area want to work together on setting something up, feel free to PM me. I have lots of vague, undefined ideas on ways to totally tear up this historic city.

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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