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    (Cue up Amazing Grace on bag-pipes…)

    You may have heard already, but they launched James Doohan’s ashes along with the SpaceX Dragon capsule a few days ago.  George Takei passed thhis along to his  almost 2 million Facebook fans:

    Here’s a discussion about it on another Nerd/Geek site:

    Gen Doukeshi

    And so far so good on the journey of the Dragon, currently docked with the ISS! I find it rather fitting that we open this new chapter in space exploration by putting to rest an idol of many of those involved among the stars.


    I have nothing but respect for the man, and the cast of Star Trek certainly deserves this kind of honor…

    I just think we should be trying to reduce the amount of ‘junk’ orbiting our planet before Planetes becomes a reality. While I suppose in the grand scheme of things a lipstick tube sized object orbiting for about a year isn’t that bad, I think it sets a potentially dangerous precedent.


    Star Trek getting this kind of honor gives nerds a real vision of just how valuable we are, and our culture is, to this world. That someone would offer to use an expensive rocket to shoot the ashes of an actor from a beloved show into space, that’s freaking awesome.

    I do agree @trent that there is a dangerous precedence. We need to reduce the amount of space junk. One day perhaps we’ll be able to fix that.


    They are never going to remove the space trash, haven’t you seen the codex entry of Earth in Mass Effect?
    “Earth’s orbit is riddled with debris generated by ‘bootstrap’ space development; use of kinetic barriers is recommended at altitudes over 85 km.”

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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