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    Hey all! @Jessica just posted her Top 5 Reasons she’s super-excited for the Sailor Moon premiere tomorrow.

    Any Sailor Moon fans? Let loose your thoughts on the new series when it airs here!


    Those seem like pretty solid reasons. I’m looking forward to watching it tomorrow. The only thing that throws me off of the series, is that the character design for Moon’s face looks TOO manga-ish, while everybody else’s looks more like a regular anime face. It really is cringe-worthy to me, at least.

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    I only caught the occasional episode as a kid and I never took the time to watch the original, but I will at give the new series a shot. It looks interesting and it would be a shame to not have at least some familiarity with such a major component of anime fandom. The article makes it a lot more interesting to me now.

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    Hmmm. First Disney announced they were releasing a doraemon movie, or TV show, now sailor moon is getting a reboot. When can we expect a new (and better) Valtron.


    I had wanted to be into Sailor Moon as a kid, but scheduling wouldn’t allow it, simply put. The show aired almost immediately once school got out in my area, and was usually nearly over by the time I got home. In retrospect I could have been taping it, but at the time watching a vhs just wasn’t the same as watching the programming live for me, and I only wanted to record things that I knew I wanted to watch over and over again, like Disney movies. I’d read a lot about the series, particularly in academic writings about anime as a genre and always waxed nostalgically for missed opportunities, and now I’m taking this reboot as a chance to finally experience the show firsthand.

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    I never really watched the show when I was a girl, I caught a few episodes on Toonami but my younger brother had control of the TV that part of the day, but I read the hell out of it when I was in college. I’ll definitely be watching this.

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    Just watched the first episode, it was pretty much the same one I remember from waaay back when, but with better pacing and a little more fleshed out. I like how the new series shows that the Senshi have other abilities than their finishers. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

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    Arctic Banana

    I just finished watching the episode. A lot of people are complaining about the “horrible CGI” during her transformation, but I didn’t think it was bad, just… very obvious.


    I totally agree on the CGI piece, I don’t think it was awful, and in many ways I prefer it to her original transformation.

    So far, they’ve totally delivered on being closer to the manga; there was very little deviance from the first act – even the title was the same!

    The only complaint I have so far is that the animation leaves little difference in the faces of the middle school girls vs. adults. I think it may have something to do with the girls wearing lip gloss, but I remembering watching Usagi with Ikuko and Haruna-sensei and thinking, “Why, they could be the same age!”

    Other than that, I’m very happy with the new series so far, and even got goosebumps during Sailor Moon’s introduction. Can’t believe I have to wait TWO WEEKS before I get more, though.


    Shaded Spriter

    I loved it…I watched Sailor Moon up to either Sailor moon S or SuperS – I am not sure which because the series were not labeled over here in England. I loved it and knowing that this was a more accurate to the manga I decided I was going to watch it straight away.

    There isn’t much I could tell was different from the first episode – but I loved the transformation sequence…It was 3D CGI but it was awesome and really pumped me up…Sailor Moon is one of the three anime which had a biggest influence on me growing up (The other two are Ghost in the Shell and Tenchi Universe.) I hope that watching it finally gets me around to writing that magical girl webcomic I have had stuck in my head for seven years.

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    Weighing in on the CGI discussion, one of my guilty pleasures has been recent magical girl series, mostly things like Aikatsu or Lilpri. In those cases, CGI transformation sequences are the norm, so the choice to do that could have been to fit in with the current gen. However, those series also involve multiple costumes, as in it’s rare for them to use the same outfit two weeks in a row (Because merchandising!). Everyone knows that the transformation sequence is for the purpose of recycling footage, so that the animators have that much less to do each week, and when they’ve got to change the outfit regularly, it helps that the only part you’re really changing is the texture mapping on the clothing overlay. Here though, we know and expect that the transformation sequence is going to be the same each time, which kind of makes it seem a little cheap to use that method. For all I know though, the Sparkly CGI effects used in the transformation sequence were difficult to render enough that it’s comparable to whatever it would cost them to do a high quality traditionally animated sequence.


    My wife grew up with this stuff, so I decided to check out what the big deal is myself. (Apparently the answer is not “Beryl’s got back”.)

    As far as I can tell of the plot so far Cutie Honey Usagi has to “find the princess”, which she seems to do through loitering and occasional administration of swift disintegraty justice. What confuses me though is that she seems to have already “found a princess”, it dresses like a stage magician and keeps calling her a dumpling head.

    What I thought was great though was how the monster of the week gets introduced. It’s really retro and reminds me of the old henshin hero shows with the name shouting and dramatic appearances business. Absolutely brilliant.

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