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Sagas Spellcrafting Question

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    I’m trying to put together a standard Mana blast spell for a Sagas game, since there isn’t one listed as a spell in the guidebook. As such, I’ve been looking at the Mana Blasts from Jen’Ifir, and Jemala.

    I think I’m doing things wrong, particularly with range calculation and determining unmodified casting time. According to the rules in the guidebook, I think the spells break down like this:

    Jemala’s spell: Level 2; Total Casting time is 14
    Target: Magical Energy (4)
    Effect: Alteration (4)
    Duration: Instant (0)
    Range: Single target 1 / 5 yards (increment x 3)

    Jen’Ifir’s spell: Level 3; Total Casting time is 14
    Target: Creature Attribute (6)
    Effect: Manipulation (3)
    Duration: Instant (0)
    Rage: Single target 1 / 5 yards (increment x 3)

    In both of these cases, the total casting time is listed at 14 on the character sheets.
    My question is: Is the range increment supposed to be 1, or 5?

    For Jemala, it would be either 4+4+0+(1*3) = 11, or 4+4+0+(5*3)= 23
    For Jen’Ifir, it would be either 6+3+0+(1*3)= 12, or 6+3+0+(5*3)= 24

    Either way, none of those number totals are 14.
    So, another question is, am I doing this right at all? Or does the Digital Pen and Paper software automatically modify the casting times based on spell levels?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Ruel Knudson

    I’ll honestly tell you that at this point I have no idea. I have had to revise some of the rules for current DPnP edition and I don’t hae the code for the last version those character sheets were made with. In essence, yes, DPnP does automatically adjust stats like spell casting times on the character sheets. So that will probably account for a large portion of the math. Beyond that, I have little to help.

    The good news is that the current DPnP program actually does a better job of showing where numbers come from in the campaign file. There are some new things added to spell creation though that caused some changes from the origional rules.

    Spell creation however is pretty fluid. All things in the book are a guide. Each stat you pull for a spell reflects YOUR vision of that spell. So your version of one spell will be different from someone creating what might seem like the same spell.


    So, either version would technically work depending on how fast I want the spell to initially be. Interesting.

    Thanks, Ruel. I look forward to the first public release of DPnP.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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