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    another point to races is what they do in Dresden files rpg, they have a power and the player fits it however he feels. “a creature with *claws* feature can be translated to any sharp appendage attached to the body, teeth, nails, thorns, unicorn spike and the like”

    so a bar race doesn’t need to be one type of bat but the player picks a feature to represent the species they wanted to portray. radar sense, heightened smell, Hematophagy appetite, etc.

    a heavy RP game relies on a players history and personality. D&D 5e started to apply this with inspiration points for players that keep to their personalities.

    class statue could also play a part, in terms of avain race maybe those with wing like appendages could be a higher social class since the are closer with their ancient heritage or whatever.


    Hey, loving the podcast, super interesting where the RPG is going. 😀

    I have two “questions” about the system so far:
    – About the battle-order: How does sneak-attacks come into play? Like, if a character were to attack a certain monster with the element of surprise, combat starts, everyone rolls to figure out the order of combat. Wouldn’t it make much sense if the one doing the sneak-attack were to end up last in the order?
    – About the race strengths and such: I love the idea of the races you guys have come up with but you guys have only focused on what advantages each race has. What about weaknesses? I personally find that weaknesses are an immensely interesting thing when it comes to a roleplay-combat situation and can even come to funny and exciting situations. A very basic example would be a race that’s brawny but dumb. Though, weaknesses might be more something that’s character-specific other than race-specific. In other words; weaknesses are great to spice things up!

    Just my two cents. 🙂
    Looking forward to more!

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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