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Returning To The Fold (Season 3 of The Real Congregation begins!)

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    The title says it all. What’d you think? Find any new songs that make you yell “THIS IS MY JAM”? Find yourself offended/titillated by Peter Wyngarde or The Frogs? Discuss it here!


    If I weren’t Canadian, and thus covered under a universal health care system, I’d have to sue you to recoup the medical costs from the whiplash the Wyngarde tracks induced. What the hell was that guy on that made him thing recording that was a good idea?



    I have tried to rationalize every possible aspect of the Peter Wyngarde tracks, and I’ve come up short. That album is an abomination, but as the gatekeeper for strange records around these parts, I felt it was my duty to at least let the listener decide. Plus, it’s the only recording I know of that makes The Frogs sound positively tame in comparison.

    Also… everyone, the Devo Spice kickstarter that was mentioned in the episode just went live!


    Welcome Back!

    By way of celebrating, today, while Vacationing in NOLA, I pulled this from a local shop:



    I LOVE that Donna Lynn track. If you ever delve into her one album, let me know. We’ll have to have a chat about all of the underlying fourteen year old sexual confusion in it. That songs a pretty good example, if you’re really paying attention to the resolution.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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