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    According to the latest Corocoro, there’s going to be a new evolution mechanic known as Mega Evolution.
    The exact details are unknown at the moment, but something known as a Mega Stone will be involved.
    Currently the Pokemon with confirmed Mega forms are:

    These new forms are literally called Mega(insert Pokemon’s name here. These new forms can include changes such as type and ability changes, and if you weren’t already drawing parallels to Digimon, these evolutions occur during battle.

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    There’s also 2 new ways to EV train your Pokemon: Super Training and Core Training. Super training involves having your Pokemon take part in activities that will increase their EVs, as well as earning items that are used in core training, which other members of your team do on their own.
    So basically it sounds like the Pokeathlon, only now having beneficial effects for your Pokemon.

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    Updates from this morning’s Pokemon Direct!

    More Mega evolutions!

    ALL three of the Kanto starters now have mega evolutions!
    Even better, you receive one of the Kanto starters from Professor Sycamore. There will be some sort of quest in game to recieve a bracelet that your trainer wears which allows them to cause Mega Evolutions to happen. (Along with a short super sentai-esque cutscene)
    There will be a new 3ds app which will work with a new Pokemon storage cloud. You will be able to store up to 3000 Pokemon on the internet and even transfer your Pokemon from gen V (Black, White, and their sequals) to your X/Y games by entire boxes!

    The service will have an annual fee (500 yen in Japan).

    The Kanto Mega Evolutions gain new abilities upon transformation.

    Mega Venusaur gains thick fat, upping its defense against fire and ice attacks
    Mega Charizard gains Dought, powering up its fire moves
    Mega Blastoise gains Mega Launcher, a new ability which boosts its ‘pulse’ attacks
    There are no changes to their types, so, unfortunately, Charizard retains its 4x weakness to rock 😛

    There will be two special edition X/Y 3DS XLs released on September 27th.

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    Have there been any mentions of streetpass capablities? Also, are there any good preorder exclusives out there?


    Well, there is a new feature for helping locate and connect trainers, but nothing has beem specifically announced for streetpass features.

    As for preorders… Gamestop has a poster featuring the Kalos region. :/

    Also I want to point out that there will be an online event starting at launch that gives out a Torchic with a megastone. So, if you see any advertising trying to say that it’s an exclusive to any store, know that they are lying. (Gamestop likes to engage in this type of misleading advertising.)

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    I would rather get no preorder and give amazon my money than buy something at gamestop


    Corocoro was leaked, because… that is what Corocoro does, and we all love them for that.

    Anyways, first off the new type chart has been revealed:

    Fairy is immune to dragon and weak against Poison and Steel. It also resists Fighting, Bug, and Dark. Steel lost a couple resistances.

    Garchomp has a Mega Evolution

    Mewtwo has TWO Mega Evolutions, each one being a version exclusive. Mega Mewtwo Y being the one we’ve seen before, and Mega Mewtwo X (who is fighting/psychic) being the new reveal.

    The new starters all had their second forms revealed, none of them taking on secondary types… yet

    Two new fossils were revealed, one being an adorable Diplodocus. The other is a GODDAMN ROCK/DRAGON T-REX.

    I will be nicknaming my bad-ass Poke T-rex Grimrock.

    Players will be able to change their clothes and hairstyle in boutiques and salons.

    Team Flare (the bad guys) motivation was finally revealed. They want to make a ‘beautiful world.’

    I can’t wait to see how much stuff they blow up!

    As always you can check out all the new Pokemon, and mega forms here:

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    Charizard is the second Pokemon revealed to have two separate Mega Evolutions. Mega Charizard X is a Fire/Dragon type.

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    I need to finish FireRed before I can think about touching this.


    For those of you who who are late to the party on this whole 3DS thing, Club Nintendo is offering free download codes for Pokemon X and Y to people who register a 3DS and one of a select few 3DS titles.

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."

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