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    Here you go. I’m kinda looking forward to these.

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    eh looks like the same old same old to me. Pokemon is awesome, but I’m not seeing any significant gameplay changes. Just a long long long past due graphics update.

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    Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. At the same time, it expands the Pokemon world while making it look better. Plus, the crew has even more Pokemon and Pokelore to add to PbS 😀

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    Hopefully they’re not just churning out Pokegames at this point. Black and White 2 like.. just happened.

    I’m glad they stuck to sprites for as long as they did. ‘Cause sprites are awesome. With the 3DS this was an inevitability I suppose.



    How would you know if there are any differences? We’ve seen all of 5 new pokemon, only 3 in a gameplay sense, and then only for a few seconds. In short, while it maybe likely that there are no significant changes, to say that is the case at this point is pure conjecture. No one knows what’s new in this game, so don’t be hasty in jumping to conclusions.

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    Sage Zer0

    It’d be nice tho if the starters weren’t the same ol’ in terms of type.


    @OmniG-Sage0 The problem is it’s such a classic combination, 3 base elements that pretty much everyone is familiar with and can easily figure out how each one affects the other. Although a little variety would be nice I’m not sure what other 3 types could work out quite as well. Psychic, Fighting and Dark maybe?


    @Cap I was more hesitant about B/W 2 since it was just a recycle of B/W. They might have been working on this for a while and just did the recycle of B/W to take the place of the third version that was missing from that generation.

    @Kaosubaloo There were actually 5 new ones in the video. The deer thing and the bird are the legendaries

    @Been Ground, Ice, Rock? Flying, Fighting, Rock? I like yours (I like fighting and psychic), but they probably wouldn’t go for the psychic can’t attack dark thing.

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    That was a typo (which I’ve since corrected) it should have read.

    “We’ve seen all of 5 new pokemon, only 3 in a gameplay sense”

    Because as you pointed out they showed the 2 version legendaries in addition to the starters.

    As for the type thing, I’ve been on the Fire/Psychic-Water/Fighting-Grass/Dark bandwagon since that combination was first a thing back when people were theorizing about the starters for Gen4. That said, it very much remains to be seen whether something like that happens. Type-wise, the only things that are clear are that the starters are Fire/Water/Grass, that the fire starter is *probably* not fighting (fracking finally) and that the Y Legendary will be a flier (Though to be fair, I don’t think they can beat the legendaries type-wise from Gen5. Gen5 Legends had the best typing of any legendaries).

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    @Kaosubaloo Sorry, I was thinking of differences in terms of combat. While they might have changed the number of moves going from the footage it seems pretty unlikely that they added anything like movement to combat. There does seem to be some more world interactions although they looked like press button to activate to me. You are correct of course, very little is actually shown in the trailer and this is very much conjecture.

    I guess I don’t really see the point of a 3D Pokemon world if there isn’t any sort of significant gameplay change to go along with it. Sprites worked well because it wasn’t resource intensive and worked well. If all your doing is sitting across from each other taking turns hitting you don’t really need a 3D environment. Sure walking around the world looks prettier, but that doesn’t really change the overall game that much. I guess what I really want is a pokemon game that actually differs from the standard format a bit. As @Cap said, it feels like they might be churning them out and I would feel a bit better if they explored more diverse gameplay.

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    Sprites ARE awesome!

    I have always been hoping for and HD remake of Chronotrigger, but instead of going polygonal staying 2D and just using really high resolution hand drawn sprites.

    Ex. Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    This will never happen sadly.


    @Cap Check the timeline: There has been a main series release every year since 1998. Of course, that encompasses localisations; generations change every three or four years. It’s not that soon.




    Sprites are fun and all, but after 14 years, I’d like a change. And here’s hoping the sound quality goes up as well.

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    To keep your torso from becoming covered in dirt
    Show your Pokelove and purchase this shirt.

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    Re-posting E3 info and updating where appropriate

    Ok, so here’s what we’ve learned from E3 so far, feel free to add to this if I missed anything important.
    New type: Fairy – Will encompass both new and old pokemon. (Jigglypuff, Azurill, and Gardevior all announced as fairy types) Super-effective against dragons

    New battle styles: Sky battles – Aerial pokemon battles, can only be fought by pokemon that fly or levitate
    Horde battles – 5 vs 1 fights (aka the future bane to all nuzzlocke players) these will not necessarily be gangs of just 1 type of Pokemon, but may include two or more different species. AoE attacks are suggested for these types of fights, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw those types of moves become more commonplace.

    Customizable Trainers: So far 3 skin/hair tones have been revealed, but there will be outfits gained throughout the game.

    Sylveon, a new Eevee evolution, is a fairy type

    Rollar blades – Neat

    A new communication called the PSS (Player Search System) will allow you to detect other people playing Pokemon both nearby and globally via wifi, as well as synch with your 3DS’s friends list and automatically add them to your game’s friend list.

    Ride-able Pokemon are apparently rentals that are borrowed in order to clear an area.

    Release date: Worldwide Oct 12 2013
    7 playable languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean

    New Pokemon: We don’t have a total number of new Pokemon yet, but 19 have been revealed so far.
    There is also going to be a new form for Mewtwo, so expect him to have some significance to the story-line. (Return of Team Rocket?)

    To learn more about the new Pokemon, I’d suggest checking out Serebii’s pre-release info:

    Rival(s?): From what I can tell, your rival is the opposite gender trainer from the one you pick, in addition, there are 3 other characters from your home town who are going on a journey at the same time. Each one has their own interests and will likely interact with your character in different ways.
    One is obsessed with the Pokedex, One is obsessed with creating the ultimate Pokemon dance team (likely the new version of contests), and the last one is ‘searching for a dream of her own.’

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