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What's the deal with Pokéballs of Steelix?

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    Hey gang, recently got an e-mail from someone with the handle “Names Are Useless” asking about Pokéballs:
    “Any chance we’ll see another episode of Balls of Steelix? It’s my favorite series next to Dungeon & Doritos :)”

    I’ve commented on this somewhere else before, but I can’t remember where, so I figured I’d tackle it here.

    Pokéballs of Steelix will come back. Obviously, carrying on without our resident Poképhile, Mike, is hard. Our love for Pokémon is nothing to his obsession. But, we love the characters, we love playing the game, and Mike gave us a good opening to figure something out without his character – so we plan to continue. However, Hex will no longer be our GM. Hopefully I’m not putting words into his mouth, but continuing the show without Mike isn’t something he’s ready to do. So we’re working something out with a new GM. It’s just taking time.

    In related news: Hex is back to drawing Pokemon again! He recently drew Jamesy’s “Uncle Meowth”:

    Here’s a link to the previous Pokeballs discussion on the old forums:


    That’s a shame, I was enjoying Hex’s DMing. Completely understandable though. Can’t wait to see who tries to step into those big shoes (big in both the metaphorical and literal sense).

    Personally, I would have liked to see Mike’s character turned into the shows version of Gary Oak, always two steps ahead, showing up only to challenge someone to a poke fight.

    On a scale of 1 to everyone dying I say let's aim for a 7.


    So remember all that stuff I said last month? Disregard it.

    After months of consideration – Hex is back! He’s got the fire in his belly for Pokémon (but not Wingzone, he still can’t handle that) and we recorded a new episode tonight. Well, actually it went so long that it’s two new episodes. Long live Pokéballs!


    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I love pokeballs of steelix, so much that I ended up GMing my own pokemon tabletop adventures game with my friends.

    Steam: Garayur


    A similar thing happened with those of us in the All Nerds crew, before we started doing ANMBE, with Arkais as our GM. Can’t wait to hear it again.




    Hi everyone. I finally decided to register after seeing that a whole thread was made mentioning my email. And upon learning that Pokeballs of Steelix is coming back! 😀

    So the two recordings are done, yes? Any idea of when they’ll be uploaded?



    Hey dude! Glad to have ya on the forums!

    We’d hoped to have one of the episodes out in November. I think it’s safe to say there’ll be one this month. Colin is editing the raw audio from the session all at once, and since it’s two episodes worth, it’s taking a while.


    Looking forward to the new episodes.

    Don’t think I said this before, but the first episode renewed my interest in Pokemon for the first time since Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, and I spent the next few weeks (and my entire Easter holiday) playing through Pokemon Black. I even tried running a Pokemon RPG of my own, without somewhat horrifying consequences. The rules at the time were a little flakey, and what started off as a happy tale of Pokemon and the trainers who loved them soon transformed into Frank Miller’s Pokemon after we realised that most wild Pokemon were dying after a single attack. That poor Pikachu…



    Lol that’s awesome, man. These Pokemon games have a tendency to get dark… Things go really wrong in the new episodes of Steelix… Still hope to get ’em out soon.


    That seems to happen quite often… Especially with martial artists.

    What I do is have wild Pokemon attack in swarms, usually 1.5-3x the number of players with levels roughly equal to the player’s pokemon.

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."


    Ark, it’ll happen with anyone if you don’t make them adhere to the rules when building characters.



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