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    me and my friend are starting our own podcast. any advice/warnings would be helpful and we would be grateful


    Oh jeeze… where to begin?!


    When we started podcasting was still pretty new and there weren’t a lot of resources. We kinda stumbled into it. If we were starting now, we’d do things very differently. These days, there’s so many shows out there that if you want to make sure you get a listenership, the best thing to do is be super-specific with what the show is about. If you can get the attention of a niche audience, you’ll do well. General nerd discussion shows… it is a severely uphill battle.

    #2 Consistency is king

    Know how some of our best-loved shows don’t come out in regular intervals? Don’t be like us! Regular releases and consistent durations are really important to making sure people will stick around.

    #3 Don’t try too hard

    Just being yourself and talking about what you know is the only way to go.

    #4 Never use webcam mics.

    They sound awful. If you are doing something with a remote host, make sure they have a good external mic of some kind and use a tool like Zencastr when possible.


    #2 Consistency is king

    I would stress this point again, if you aren’t doing really current event stuff have a buffer of episodes. If you have to do “Seasons” like a TV show.

    Otherwise, just record some episodes. I’ve started a couple podcasts and never released them because I edited them, listened back, and they just weren’t great. Find something that works with your hosts and personalities.

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    Don’t be scattershot with your ideas, but do try new things every now and then. In the old OCAD days, Level99 and I tried a bunch of new things with the show, and what stuck is what stuck. Looking back, I would have tried those ideas with a much more controlled approach.

    Also try to keep dead-air to a minimum, and invest in good mics, as Cap said.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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