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PETA's Pokemon Black & White Parody

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    Another shockingly awesome Nintendo parody has just been released from PETA. As with their previous web-based parodies, these games focus on an animal welfare message, while being really strange and entertaining. It’s possible that someone in PETA does view Mario wearing a Tanuki Suit or Cooking Mama roasting animals as anti-animal rights messages for kids, but these games are clearly made with a certain amount of love for the series they’re parodying. This one especially. There’s a bunch of great Pokephile jokes in here.

    This one plays on Black and White’s themes of how Pokemon are treated in society and their place in the game’s universe.

    It’s kinda brilliant seeing trainers lash out against Pokemon by pelting them with cosmetics, or docking their tails – of all their game’s this one sells its message best. While Veganism isn’t for everyone, I think we can all agree that animal cruelty is fucked up.

    Check out Ash as an insane Pokemon ringmaster:

    Thanks to @Akrais for alerting me on this.


    Sorry but I am against PETA after watching 28 days later!!!


    We exist for our own reason!

    John Sebastian

    PLOT TWIST… The company who made it? ‘This Is Pop!’

    Here’s what they say on their website: “Here at Pop we love Pokémon! That’s why we always found stealing them away from their natural habitats, storing them in cramped Pokéballs, and making them fight against their will all for personal gain a little suspect. Our new PETA parody – Pokémon: Black and Blue – brings to light the plight of real world animals who are maimed, mistreated, and killed for the sake of entertainment and “sport.” ”

    THIS IS FROM THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MADE THE ADULT SWIM GAME “MY LIL’ BASTARD” – I shit you not. The one about raising a captive little blob. Talk about selling out.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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