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    I have two small children and eventually I’m going to want to show them Star Wars. Obviously I intend for them to watch the original trilogy and if I can find a non-special edition that’s what they’ll see. I’m wondering if I should just pretend like the prequels don’t exist or should I try to show it to them with the proper context. I don’t want their world to be ruined when they see it later but I don’t want to be the one to break it to them. My oldest is only four so it’ll be a little while until she sees Star Wars but I thought I could get some suggestions. What say ye?


    Its probably impossible to avoid them finding out about the prequels, but you can probably introduce them in a more meaningful way. There are a number of alternate orders for the movies. One of the more interesting one’s I have come across is the Machete order, which is 4, 5, 2, 3, 6. It starts off with the original trilogy, so their initial exposure will be the good ones, and they discover Luke’s family tree before they see the prequels, which totally spoil it. Sticking the prequels right after 5 means you have a nice cliff hanger while giving the Vader back history. The most important feature of this order is the lack of episode 1. Lets be frank, episode 1 didn’t give you anything important and it did add a bunch of stuff nobody likes. Jar Jar, midichlorians, plot holes you can drive an Imperial Star Destroyer through. Pretty much anything that happens in episode one is summed up or mentioned later in the prequels and most of the significant characters die anyway never to be seen again.

    for a fuller summary:

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    I fully intend to introduce my kids to Star Wars through the Machete order.
    My oldest is 4 also, so I have had a little time to review the material before she is able to understand what I am watching.

    As far as a non-specialized edition of the original trilogy. I would go with Harmy’s Star Wars Despecialized edition.
    A labor of love by a geek who took the only HD Theatrical release of Star Wars (Laser Disk 720p) re-edited each scene to match the corrections made in special edition without the added content.

    Also, if you feel as though all 6 movies are needed for some horrible reason, but want something with less nerd rage. There is supposedly a fan edited version of Episode One where every scene and reference of Jar Jar was edited out. The Phantom Edit. (I think) There was rumor of an edited version of Episode Two with the same concept, but I never heard of its completion, or goal for that matter.


    The Machete order sounds like the way to go. This gives me a lot to think about, thanks guys.

    The first sort of nerdy thing that my oldest watched was Ghostbusters, which I thought she would’ve been scared by. She might just like it because I was interested in it, but I’m hoping that she enjoys it for what it is.

    Things which are important to me that I’m hoping to introduce to my children (when they are at the right age of course)

    The Hobbit
    Chronicles of Narnia
    Winnie the Pooh
    Calvin & Hobbes

    Star Wars
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    Young Justice (best animated series to date in my opinion)

    Minecraft (I just want to see what they’ll do with it)
    All my oldschool favorites (mostly retro nintendo games, I can’t wait to give my kids Chrono Trigger for the first time)

    With all the options that kids have today, it’s going to be really interesting what they gravitate towards.


    If you’re going with the “Machete order,” I’d highly recommend this fan edit of Episode II.

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    I have been building a similar list as you @barreyi.

    In addition to the above…

    Back to the Future Trilogy
    Indiana Jones
    Princess Bride

    Harry Potter

    Kingdom Hearts
    Magic the Gathering

    I had a long discussion with a friend a year or so back about how to introduce kids to table top RPG’s.
    I got my first roots with the marvel table top, just because we were all comic nuts at the time. I doubt my kids will be the same though.

    I haven’t found a good system both interesting and simple that meets the bill yet.


    I really just want to make sure my daughter has hobbies. I want to do a daddy/daughter race car project someday, but I have no idea if she’ll be into that. I plan to expose her to stuff I think is fun, and expect my wife will do the same, and then just encourage her to like whatever she gravitates towards. I prefer the original Star Wars trilogy, but kids really seem to like the prequels (or at least the Clone Wars) so why keep that from them?


    @Anduin those are some perfect gems that I had forgotten about. Princess Bride and Back to the Future are great movies that will now be going on the list.

    I get your point, I was more unsure if they were even necessary. The original trilogy story is great stand alone. I think it’s similar to the Matrix Trilogy. You don’t really need to have the second or third movie, the first is great by itself. I’m looking forward to doing big projects with my daughter and son as well.


    Have you guys looked into any of the Maker stuff? The Maker shed has a whole bunch of cool little kits. They are a bit pricey but awesome and a wide variety for all ages. Maker Faire’s themselves are pretty awesome and tend to be extremely kid friendly. They have become more and more widespread these last couple years and and worth checking out.

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