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    Hey gang!

    We’ve just posted a microsode where we rattle off some of the over-hyped projects that have burned us.

    It was a rousing discussion, but within the confines of the microsode, we’ve really only scratched the surface. What are the projects that’ve under-delivered for you?


    My Take:

    SW epIII isn’t that bad if you delete every scene that padme or jar-jar appears in.

    The New 52 was such a lost opportunity. The New52 is utterly disappointing, no continuity, writers don’t seem to know what still is canon and what isn’t, and established canon conflicts between books/writers supposedly sharing the same universe. There are no DC books left on my pull list, and I’ve always been a GL/GLC fan. Lots of pointless exposition and contrived plotlines. Think of what the reboot might have been if someone like Bruce Timm was running it!

    The hype surrounding SFX-driven spectacles and remakes is absurd. Battleship? All that hype over a SFX vehicle for a plotless 10-minute board game? The remake of Total Recall turning into “Jason Bourne in Space,” the lazy adaptation of “Rock of Ages” from a great live show to a mediocre karaoke sketch that tries to succeed by cramming as many recognizable actors as possible into an acceptable amount of time.

    Long-term overhype? Virtual Reality! Started in the 80s….and still is conspicuously absent.

    Game overhype? Spore. The watered-down version that eventually hit shelves is no where near as inventive as Will Wright’s early demos and concept talks.

    Courage TFM


    Have to agree with the Spore comment. It had amazing potential but turned out pretty mediocre. Except for the part when I rampaged across the galaxy once I figured out that climate control tools like meteors worked well as weapons of mass xenocide.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    Episode grated on my nerves, to be honest.

    As for me, I don’t know of any projects that I think are over-hyped, mainly because I am yet to even pin down an actual definition of the term.




    @muckRaker & @Raven;

    Ugh… spore… so much potential, wasted. I liked the editors (Flying around in MegaMaid was pretty awesome). But the overall gameplay was just so watered down and declawed compared to how we were expecting it to be from all the hype over the tech demo. The space phase was the only entertaining one (IMHO), and even that was ‘meh’.


    I have to disagree on the points raised about Kickstarter for one simple reason (at least where video games are concerned): if you raise your money that way, you don’t have to hand your intellectual property rights over to your publisher. Those rights are usually surrendered as part of the deal a fledgling studio has to make in order to get investment.

    Also, there are certain genres that simply won’t sell well enough to attract the interest of a publisher. When was the last time you saw a decent cyberpunk game that wasn’t based off of an existing franchise? How about a space combat simulator, when the last good one (Freespace 2) only sold 30,000 copies and was one of the nails in the coffin of Interplay? Hell, even Obsidian has had to turn to Kickstarter to make a Baldur’s Gate-style game, and they have a whole bunch of the people who made Baldur’s Gate in the first place.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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