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    Hey @rjlikins! We’re totally in stock! (If we weren’t we wouldn’t have it listed).

    Your order should ship soon and when it does you’ll be notified. Any other shipping questions just hit up and it’ll get to the right folks for speedy replies.

    Season 3 man… it’s gonna kick so much ass. @doug has such a great campaign. Can’t wait to hear it myself. 2016 is shaping up to be pretty huge for us in terms of RPG releases.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Finally working on the Vineyard Ghostbusters equipment as well. Working first on the Ecto-Glasses (I imagine if you have one, it does not count as an extra item you can carry. We’ll see how well I build it during the next session.)

    Other Devices I’m planning for the game:

    Ecto Proton Cannon: Used in Extreme Ghostbusters Episode ‘Ghost Apocalyptic Future’ but I know better from the Fan-Film ‘Return of the Ghostbusters.’ This is an add-on for the Ecto-Car wherein you can aim a boson dart-only neutrona wand. Hitting the Ghost will freeze them in place with a sort-of lasso for at least 1 turn.

    Muon Trap: From the game. Again; add on for Ecto. Works the same as the game, but lowers the score you need to get in order to trap since it works much quicker.

    Slime Blower Nozzle: Final add-on for Ecto, an original idea of mine if the car were ever to go through a scenario where they needed to neutralize any slime. Sprays slime from the nozzle. Also ideal for a large crowd that might get in the way.

    As an homage to Ghostbusters 2, the control for the Ecto Proton Cannon and the Slime Blower Nozzle is an Atari-2600, and a Commodore 64 joystick respectively.


    Hey, are there any updates on when you might issue additional equipment cards (such as Proton pistols, slime grenades, Giga traps, etc.)?


    @hattiemcsandwich Many are planned, but getting them drawn up and printed with the kind of quality we want is very time-consuming. Right now, the primary focus is on getting Season 3 finished. If the Nerdy Show Patreon succeeds in getting enough funds to hire me full time, then new cards will be one of the first things I’d like to tackle. (Aside from updating the frequency of episode releases, of course.)

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven


    If I may, I had an idea to assist with the cards expansion, and getting some extra funding (and for self-serving reasons too):

    A metal case/tin of similar fashion to the cardbox which housed the equipment cards. Something that would fit the original set of cards, and the expansion set (maybe more). Could be sold as part of the kit, or with the expansion, or separately.

    *In full disclosure, my 4 yr old shredded my card box trying to get the cards out this morning. =(


    @dagrik, We soooo badly wanted to make a special card box and dice cup, but it just wasn’t in the budget. At this point, you’re better off making your own custom one or ordering a playing card case online. Worst case scenario, you can always order another deck of cards separately. But we’ll look into other options once we have the expansion planned out.

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven

Viewing 6 posts - 136 through 141 (of 141 total)
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