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    Hey, everyone!

    After a year dormancy and lurking, I have returned to the land of the living. I’m in the Orlando area for the rest of the week and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up for burgers/drinks/nerdy pursuits during this time. I don’t really have any places to be for the next few days (yay vacation!) so my schedule is open for hanging out pretty much anytime from morning to midnight.

    Anyone interested?


    I am, i can get you word this Thursday if i can follow through


    Hey @fish! Got a very work-oriented week, but would love to see you. There’s not really any event that’s happening that would aide in getting hosts together for an unscheduled meet up, but could do a lunch or dinner. Any days work better than others? Tomorrow I’ll be with Trench most of the day, so there’s that.

    btw -Travis wishes he could meet up, but he’s not in Orlando. He sends his regards.


    Thanks you Armadon / @pseery80 and @Cap for the replies!

    We’ve got some plans coming together now. Wednesday (any time) or Thursday (lunch) are the best times for us. Friday we will be in St. Augustine, and Saturday we will be traveling back home. I can also potentially make it to something Thursday night, but my wife won’t be able to hang out then.

    If it’s a meal meetup, I’m down with eating wherever. Doesn’t have to be at Oblivion or Cloak and Blaster. If there’s some well-kept secret restaurant either of you want to eat at, I’m down.



    Teak Neighborhood Grill
    6400 Time Square Ave, Orlando, FL 32835

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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