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    Lazy image is SO lazy.

    So…I started putting together “The Hex Grind” and realised it seemed totally self-indulgent. That’s a bad thing.
    Then I had the idea that “Hey, I could do something bigger with this.”
    So hey, Nerdy Show Community Radio. I plotted it out like this-
    -Play community music picks
    I’m taking suggestions for the first episode. Only rule is that it can’t have been played on the show.
    -Mention community events
    Do you do a live stream? Write things? Art commissions? Send me a script and I’ll put it in as a bumper.
    -Discuss things with the community
    What have you all been playing? What’s the anime club up to?

    This is a community podcast, and so is completely open to any form of contribution, but I will put together and host the episodes. So hey, CONTRIBUTE!

    Not that Hex. Yet.


    We have

    For the Commonwealth!


    So what you’re saying is we should hijack the airwaves a la Fake Congregation? I like it!




    @Mopkins In retrospect, I didn’t make it clear enough that this would be a podcast, not a streaming station.
    @Frozentreasure Yeah, more or less, except with the entire community.

    You want something in the show? Record it, or send me a script/link. Boom. It’s done. Think of this as an open-source podcast.
    Also, we could do a call-in/discussion segment over Skype, if people were down.

    Not that Hex. Yet.


    I would ABSOLUTELY be into this. My schedule is pretty flexible, and I have a really solid mic (a Blue Yeti).

    Would love to contribute @Hexuality .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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