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    Hey gang!

    Our latest episode celebrates 30 years of Ninja Turtles, the amazing TMNT Adventures comics, and how TMNT affected our lives (and even contributed to the founding of Nerdy Show!)


    The Turtles are a pretty expansive subject and we’re considering doing another episode later this year. For that I wanted to ask you guys what are some of your Ninja Turtles memories growing up. Ways that they positively (or negatively) affected your life, stories casually involving TMNTs, or even questions you’d like to ask any future creators we might have on the show [would be very cool to get Murphy, Ryan Brown, and Chris Allan on the same episode for example, but there’s plenty of other folks too like Ross Campbell, or even Eastman or Laird]


    This episode was awesome. I love the long interview episodes. The only real TMNT memory I have was when I went to see the first live action film. I remember feeling like I was a little too old for the cartoon when it was out, but like everyone else in 1991 I was super big into comics. I was all about anything I could find that was based on a comic, even if I’d never heard of or seen the comic. I think I knew that the source comics were totally more mature than the cartoon, but I hadn’t ever read one. So I dragged the family out to see TMNT, and I remember secreting every folding knife and ninja star I owned on my person to feel more like a ninja. I realize that sounds like I was armed to the teeth, but really we’re talking like a couple of those nail clipper/dull blade/bottle opener keychain deals and like two flea market stamped metal throwing stars with bent tips from throwing them at our outside fence. I got progressively more nervous about having all that hardware as we got closer to the theater, so I was trying super hard to surreptitiously stash them all around the car without anybody seeing it. My parents of course knew I had that stuff, but not that I’d decided to bring it with me. I ended up getting away with it, but felt really dumb afterwards. I loved that movie though, I still think it holds up.


    I know I used to watch the cartoon as a kid. But I don’t remember much about the show itself. I just remember that I would get up in the mornings and eat breakfast on my tmnt tray in the mornings. I seem to vaguely remember loving turtle pies as well.

    Steam: Garayur


    I was as big of a Turtles fanboy as you could be growing up. I loved the cartoon, the video games, the comics, the toys, the movies, even the bad ones, all of it. I’m 27 now, and while I see all of those with a more critical eye, I have to say, I still very much enjoy all of it.

    I’ll tackle some of this stuff now, if I had to write up all the ways in which these mutants affected my life I’d be writing for days.

    I grew up poor, my parents were separated and I lived with my mom. I saw my dad once every couple weeks, and I had no siblings back then. I wouldn’t until I was 14, but that’s another story. Money being tight meant I couldn’t have all the toys and games that I wanted, but my mom was great enough to recognize that turtle stuff kept me happy, so I had the movies, the first NES game, and a handful of action figures. I don’t remember all of who I had, but I do remember owning the turtle van. I abused that poor thing, bringing it outside and running over all sorts of toys in the parking lot, rolling it as fast as I could down the road, and laughing with the neighbors’ kids. We’d play pretend often, with the stipulation of you can be anyone you have an action figure of. I don’t remember much about those games we played, except for one time I was Mikey and my friend from a few apartment buildings over was Iceman from the X-men. I had the fake TMNT nunchaku and he was throwing ice cubes at me while I tried to hit them back at him. His mom came out and was ripshit that he took all the ice in the house, just in time to see me hit the perfect cube real hard and right back into my friend’s eye. He immediately started crying and I got in trouble that day. I haven’t see that kid in years.

    The toys also remind me of the closest thing I had to a brother growing up, my cousin Brandon. It is bittersweet, he passed away a little more than a year ago now, and I hadn’t seen him in a few years before that. He was in the Air Force, finished his duty, got a purple heart for taking a bullet and saving dozens of lives, and was settling in to civilian life with a pregnant girlfriend when he got in a motorcycle accident and died almost instantly. Every new year all the cousins on that side would go to his house, and we’d play TMNT the fighting game for SNES. There were 4 of us boys, all within a year of age, all living in the same town, and I would bet that my other 2 cousins feel the same way about the turtles and my lost cousin that I do.

    All of this happened in Dover, NH, which for people that didn’t know, is where those first turtles were drawn. It was pretty cool growing up and being able to go to the UNH museum, they had all first prints of the books, and if you asked nicely you could read them. I still live around there, a town over, and Eastman and Laird appear at the local Free Comic Book Day event we have in Rochester, NH. I’ve only met Eastman, but he seemed like a cool enough dude. He stayed and signed for a LONG time, not charging or anything, he’d sign whatever you wanted, would take pictures, it didn’t matter, he was all smiles. I mean, I probably would be to if I got that much money for doing something I was passionate about, at least for a time anyway.

    I tried to run a TMNT and other strangeness RPG with some friends, but it never took off, which is kinda upsetting. I really love the world building they had in those books. After the Bomb and Transdimensional TMNT had some really neat ideas, things that I wish somebody would use to make a cool new comic or something. It wouldn’t even have to feature the turtles, just imply that they are in the same world. I’ve started to ramble here.

    some other quick thoughts:
    The first NES game was way better than the arcade game, I still stand by that.
    I haven’t seen anything new fiction wise since the 3rd movie. I tried watching the CGI one and cringed real hard, I didn’t even finish it.
    I never read much TMNT adventures, but that was probably because I was fortunate enough to be able to get into the mirage comics.
    I wonder if the turtle craze was bigger here than everywhere else, or if every city in the early 90s was as whipped up into a mutant frenzy.

    Thunder the M.

    Sad but true: I wasn’t allowed to watch Ninja Turtles when I was a kid. My mom thought it was too violent.

    So I went outside and played Jurassic Park with my toy dinosaurs instead. They would hunt and eat eachother. Somehow that was much more acceptable.

    But I’m a huge fan of IDW’s “Ghostbusters” comic, and they’ve got an upcoming crossover with Ninja Turtles coming up. So I picked up some of the comics.

    I…I’m still not sure what I think. The comics are good, I just don’t really know what’s going on. But hey, Ninja Turtle in a proton pack! That’s awesome.


    @mthunder The IDW series is very strange. They’ve got this absolutely absurd reincarnation origin story. I mean, if you thought the classic origin story was far-fetched oy… this thing. It’s got some good qualities though. Burnham’s GB/TMNT crossover is sure to rock because, well, it’s Burnham.

    Thunder the M.

    @mthunder The IDW series is very strange. They’ve got this absolutely absurd reincarnation origin story. I mean, if you thought the classic origin story was far-fetched oy… this thing. It’s got some good qualities though. Burnham’s GB/TMNT crossover is sure to rock because, well, it’s Burnham.

    That it is. It’s great as well, because the Ghostbusters ongoing was just discontinued (and who knows what’s going to happen with Fiegbusters in the works) and this GB/TMNT crossover will keep Burnham and his art team employed at least until the end of the year. I did enjoy the “Turtles become pirates” comic that Burnham wrote. Even if I was like, “Random ninja girl out of nowhere? What the heck?”

    Everybody go buy that comic, BTW, because the sales will make it more likely that they’ll be able to do SOMETHING, even if it doesn’t end up being Ghostbusters…

    This thread was supposed to be about Turtles though.

    So, uh…I saw the Micheal Bay movie. And I was deeply, throughly troubled that in New York City, the pizza capitol of the world, the mecca of pizza, the vahalla of pizza, the city that pizza built, the four most famous pizza-consuming reptiles ever created drool over PIZZA HUT.

    That’s just wrong.

    I shake my tiny fist at you, product placement. Feel my insignificant wrath!


    My god, so it has come to this. THOSE MANIACS, DAMN THEM, DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!!!

    This has been a dramatization of this fans displeasure of hearing of this news. Thanks you all, and good day


    We’ve got another TMNT episode in the works before the year is out, so if you guys have any more TMNT memories – let ’em fly!

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