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    A friend of mine recently published his first book and I just wanted to take a second to post a link to it because in celebration of the birth of his first child the Kindle edition is free for a few days! You can grab it on Amazon
    I absolutely loved this book, it’s a fantasy book that is full of tongue in cheek references to RPG/fantasy tropes while still telling an engrossing story that will leave you wanting more. It was a quick read, I finished it in a weekend and loved it. If this seems like something that would interest you please take a look and support an up and coming author.


    Cool! downloaded and I look forward to reading it

    Steam: Garayur

    Kevin Wise

    I grabbed it this morning (while at work) and I’ve enjoyed the first few pages.


    I met Sean a few months ago when he DM’d a Fate game that I played and I picked up his book in support of him. I found that I really loved the style though and the humor in particular is what won me over. There are a few sections where the storytelling gets a bit muddled but overall I really enjoyed the book. The book will surely get a few chuckles out of anyone who’s done any tabletop gaming if nothing else.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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