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    I’m really digging the new site layout. It looks very nice. Can’t wait to see all the new things you guys have in store for us!


    A+ guys.

    Its much easier to browse the Nerdy Show network of material now.


    Glad you like it dudes! Long time coming, eh? It’ll get even better. There’s still some bugs to work out and the matter of the forums is next on our itinerary.


    I like the new layout, but you might try to make up a new listener page with the best episodes somewhere.

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    When I first saw the new layout I nearly exploded
    – it’s awesome

    For the Commonwealth!


    It looks good, but I see a few first-world-forum-user issues.

    1) Did the groups pages disappear? I couldn’t find a simple way to get to them.

    2) Unless it’s hiding, it feels like Nerdy.FM should have a button or link on the front page of the Nerdy show page to make it easy to access (unless you want to divorce the two). As of the time of posting goggling (nerdyfm and will not take you to the desired page (at least within the 1st page of results) and I only got to the link by clicking through Episode 122. I may be blind or you may be working on it. (Yes, I know you don’t control Google, I was just saying that so you know the effort I put into finding it so I could listen at work.)

    3)As someone who has been here for a while it looks great, but I do agree with Berto.El.Con and there should be a new listen page somewhere since there is a lot of shows on the front page.

    Besides the above and a minor first-world internet user gripe the site does look very good, the layout is improved and finding shows/comics and articles are even easier.

    Nerdy FM sounds great, so far all the songs have been ‘work’ friendly and I haven’t had to adjust the volume at all between songs.

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    For groups, I’m not sure what method you were using, but the one I’ve used is unchanged. Hover over your name in the top right corner. This should drop a list of links, one of which is your groups. click on that and it will bring you straight to your group page.

    As for the layout, aside from the bugs from before (which I’m sure are being worked on) I do have one relatively small complaint. The Forum is too wide.

    Allow me to elaborate: There are probably relatively few people who have a monitor too small to display this page (assuming they’re using a computer, not sure about mobile). HOWEVER, for forums, it is ideal for the writing space to NOT be spread out too far horizontally. This because if the page is too wide, it requires more movement of your head/eyes to read, and it is both more comfortable and quicker to read if eye movement is kept to a minimum. I’m actually not sure what the ideal width is, but the current layout definitely over it.

    Also, from a design perspective, I feel that the topic list should emphisis the topic titles more than it does atm. That might just be me though.

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    My complaint about the forum is simple: Stop using WordPress for it.

    Wordpress is a fine blog system. It is not, however, good for hosting a forum. The unified account for commenting on blog posts and forums is cool, but seriously, just make a forum powered by a proper forum structure. phpBB, punBB, vBulletin; there are plenty of options and they are ALL better than WordPress.

    Obviously, you have your own plans and they’re likely already partway through being implemented, however it’s one of the two long-standing issue I’ve had with the forums. The second one, of course, being that a “Recent topics” list, along with every subforum being compressed into a small space, means that the second something falls off of that front page of discussion, the chances of it being posted in again are below 5%.





    I’d agree that that would solve pretty much all of the current problems with the forums, both my specific complaints (because the people who made those struc) and the many bugs we’ve suffered.

    I would also add that, since frozen brought it up, it is provable that that the screwup up “I can’t-see-anything-that’s-not-on-the-front-page” forum bug has had a negative effect on the forum’s traffic. Compare the older forum traffic to that of the current one and you will see that the old one had on average more daily traffic, despite having an overall worse layout and a smallr community. I would all but guarentee that this is the direct result of the various nasty forum bugs, most prominently being the display for the topics listing. I would *not* go so far as to say that you absolutely must not use wordpress (though it is the easiest solution). What I would say is that it is absolutely essential that the bugs get cleaned up, even if it means desynching the forum and site logins (something that I think I voiced when it first became an issue, though likely not as vocally as I should have).

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    I use mobile to browse the forum quite regularly, and this new column arrangement that puts the poster before the thread title means that I have no idea what any thread is about unless I scroll to the right.


    Hey everyone! Glad folks like the new look. This isn’t then end of the changes by any means. There’s a lot of little things I’m working on that’ll improve the site and the usability.


    A greatest hits page it totally on the to-do list. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. We’re also going to have a more comprehensive “Podcasts” link on the menu bar (again, for new people to help figure out what’s what).

    Here’s the missing forum links:
    Took ’em out and forgot to put ’em back. I’m not happy with how groups was displayed, always been a confusing, seemingly unintegrated side-feature to the forums. Obviously the forums were mucked up in the transfer, they’re our next big priority. I mean, they’ve never been where we wanted them to be. I’ll put groups back in the menu for the time being. Does anyone use Members?

    As far as Nerdy.FM – that was the plan. Wanted to have it day one and didn’t happen. It’ll be there very soon, prolly tonight. Just been a matter of time and things have been nuts. Work safe songs 8am til’ 8pm eastern, unless it’s all work safe at the moment, but that’s the idea I haven’t asked if it’s actually implemented yet. And if you hear one that’s not work safe during those hours – let us know!

    Completely agree on the forum width. It was an unforseen side-effect of the update. Not intentional at all. I also agree abut the forum traffic thing. I haven’t been a fan of the layout ever. Really want this place to be fun and user friendly. It’s the next step.

    Making sure we have integrated user accounts is imperative to some of the things we’ve been trying to move on for the site. The end goal is to have a fully-integrated user system for the coming features of Nerdy.FM, posting on Nerdy Show, and the forums, perhaps even an app at some point. I know next to nothing about the technicality of this. I only know what I want to achieve and what others have told me. Unfortunately it’s been slow going and we’ve had a number of different people trying to work it out for us out of the goodness of their hearts. If you’ve got any ideas on this, I’d love to hear them. I’d love to take on something else that would be easy to use out the box, but I feel that integration is key.


    Okay, I found a phpBB WordPress plugin that seems like it allows for a single user account and should be a more stable solution than bbPress; if whoever’s leading the charge on the forum development wants to check it out, there it is.

    As far as Nerdy.FM features and a smartphone app are concerned, I don’t know what you intend for those to encompass, so I can’t provide any comments on them, but that’s what I’ve got at the moment.




    All the inherited css changing mucked up the forums. The page topics thing has been a problem for a while, but I’ve had no luck fixing it. The problem honestly with WordPress and any of its plugins is that almost all WordPress developers worth their weight are lost in the tons of ppl who have no idea what they’re doing, so finding a solid wordpress anything is a chore in itself. Ive had zero time to work on the forums as my personal life and professional life come first. I’m replying to this from a hotel in dc on my phone right now. If I can get to it I will, but the statistics of user base since the forum switch haven’t really changed. Maybe more old members post less, but the number of new registers seems consistent. I think fixing these errors is vital to the continuation of these forums, but it often seems the lack of new blood is also a contributing factor to lack of presence. I haven’t really looked into these fixes in months so they might be simple changes, but I rarely find a time I’m at my computer long enough to hash all of it.out. ill try to see if I can do anything Saturday, but I’m not sure. And for those who have offered to help, I have no say on actual nerdyshow stuff, but this sort of thing could become a too many cooks in the kitchen thing if that process got out of control


    @Gundamking With regards to the help thing, that is true when it comes to adding new features, but not when it comes to locating & fixing bugs. Crowd-sourcing the tracking down of bugs would likely not only greatly speed up the process of fixing them, but also shift most of the pressure for doing so off of you. Just make sure that what you hand out is a *copy*, and not direct access, and there is 0-risk to doing this.

    Furthermore, contrary to what I just said, I would be remiss if I did not point out that myself and several others here are qualified to act as web developers on at least an auxiliary basis.

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    Hey Guys,
    I’m a big fan of the thumbnail style of displaying the shows on the front page. It’s a great way of showcasing what shows are available without being overwhelming to new visitors.

    The ‘More from the Network’ newsfeed is great. If I’m busy during a week and can’t keep up with the shows that are released, it makes it easy for me to catch up. In the old system, if I didn’t notice it being released, I’d live my life in darkness never knowing something awesome happened.

    However, I’ve been having some reliability issues with the new site. Just ‘not responding’ from the server happening more often. More difficulties d/ling podcasts from iTunes (maybe it’s an iTunes Canada issue). Stuff like that.

    So far so good. I’ve seen you guys have already incorporated stuff from this thread like the Nerdy.FM link on the front page. Kudos.

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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