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    Just finished a flophouse for noobs and other transients to use while they find a place to call home. It’s in the lowest level of gamma spawn proper, beside the entrance.

    I also had a question vis-a-vis spawn protection, i.e. will it be? When the server is fixed, are you planning to flag spawn as being editable by Lawmen and above?

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    OK, it sounds like I am in the minority on the streets thing. I won’t build any streets myself, unless they are to a destination.

    I think that having a moratorium on tall structures is good; helps keep the pyramid as an easy visual from anywhere close to spawn.

    And it means that distant builds of monsters will have to be HUGE, so they look big from the pyramid.


    I would like to get residence running, eventually, however with the server corruption mess just having been resolved my attention is on bringing structures form the corrupt world back to the ‘current’ SOA. Incidentally we will be pulling back the updated Gamma from the corruption.

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    When is spawn expected to switch over? I had originally heard a last week, but figured it was delayed due to the server issues.

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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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