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Nerdy Show and A Comic Shop Were Almost the Focus of a Reality Show

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    I guess we can post/ talk about this now since the producer uploaded it! This is a thing that happened:

    For the past couple years Nerdy Show was part of the core focus of a prospective reality show set within the Orlando nerd scene. You might remember the earlier reality show sizzle reel for “Store Front Superheroes“. That one focused on A Comic Shop and came close to happening. We tried again with a different formula and the same creator a couple years later, in the form of “Nerd Nation” the above sizzle reel, and got even closer – to the very top of an extremely noteworthy network.

    Of course when it comes to big breaks in TV and film, it’s best to not get your hopes up. We didn’t, but it was really remarkable how far it got up the food chain. Now neither Eric, Troy, or Kim work at the shop so times have changed once again. But when it comes to Nerdy Show and video… the future is bright.


    Cool! I remember Aaron dropping a comment on an episode once talking about how they were angling to get Comic Book Men’s deal or something some time ago, and was always curious what that was about.


    This makes me happy and I really wish Nerdy Show and A Comic Shop did become the focus (or foci) of a reality show (or shows). I would totally watch it (or them)!

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    I’m tempted to weep for what could have been, but we’ll be on to even bigger and better things soon enough. (Just making a general statement, not hinting at any unannounced projects.)

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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