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    Hi all-

    Trying to buy a house here soon (looked at one today in fact). Fairly open with a couple of rooms that the wife doesn’t already have plans for…(yet) No guarantee our offer gets considered, however. Being a RPG nerd, and board games less so, I wanted to ask this great community:

    If you could add/suggest one or two nerd-tastic things in your house,maybe to make the ultimate gaming room, what would they be?

    I know I have put some thought into building/buying a super gaming table, maybe with an inlaid screen or dice trays and cup holders, or a place to work on and store foam boards to make 3-D battlemaps for epic encounters, etc, but I really wanted to get everyone elses’ ideas too! (Other bonus, wife likes to play RPG and boardgames too!)

    Thanks in advance!



    For a dedicated game room, I’d personally want dimmer switches for LED lighting (that can change color via smart device) and some way to easily play background/mood music. The rest can be all tailored to fit theming. Also depends if your game room includes video games or not. But yeah, lighting and music are the first things I’d consider.

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    I second @doug‘s suggestions since they add to the ambiance of any gaming situation. I would also encourage you to consider snack/drink preparation areas. Maybe a small fridge. Depending on how exclusive you want this room to be, you might consider some sort of Ring camera doorbell, or perhaps an inexpensive video baby monitor so you can determine how much you do or don’t want to open the door.

    I like the idea for a room like this of having physical shelves for your media that allows easy display/perusal of your options. IKEA makes a cool modular book shelf that goes around a corner, and you can stack any number of them along a wall. I have this in black at home for physical books I didn’t want to give up:

    Another thing to consider is soundproofing. Maybe you want that, maybe you don’t. It all just depends on what all you plan to do in there gaming-wise



    Not as nerdy as gaming room. But I recently bought a house, and there was a small room good 12 feet long and slightly less wide with one window in the end.

    So I plopped in a retractable greyscreen in place of the curtains, painted/wallpapered the walls and ceiling black and dark gray, installed a fluffy black carpeting and added surround speakers and put a projector over a dark sofa in the other end. And I have to say it is FANTASTIC. Since the screen is closer it feels no less impressive than going to the theater and you can talk as much as you like, without having to worry about strangers doing the same. For scifi movies in general and some anime like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and One Punch Man this is just fantastic. And it doesn’t wear out your eyes like a big tv would.

    It costed me about 5000€ and few weekends, but since most of you are spoiled americans who barely pay any taxes, you will probably get off cheaper like under 5000$ and still get pretty decent quality stuff. If you have a desolate poorly lit room somewhere in the back, this is a great way to take up the space and good for hosting friends as well.

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    So, we lost the house I was bidding on, but are in the process of closing on another house right now with a large basement. Wife and I are thinking of creating a DIY gaming table. Really debating, along with the idea of lighting and sound, about if the table should have a built in screen hooked to my ipad/laptop, or if we just put in a felt area for dice rolling and ability to put down a battle mat if needed. Decisions, decisions….



    I’m of the opinion to keep it simple. A nice table with awesome colored felt for rolling dice or playing cards. Maybe a hard cover for the table so you can eat and drink on it when not using it for games?

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