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    Grant Arundell

    I’ve been wanting to go to Nerdapalooza for years. I would like to go this year, but it’s not something my friends or wife would be into.

    How is Nerdapalooza if I went solo? Is it easy to meet up with new people and make friends?

    Is anyone else planning on going solo this year?




    Nerda is totally doable solo and you will meet cool people. Surprised they haven’t chimed in yet, but there’s always a really decent sized group of Nerdy Show community folks who come out. Might be able to work out room shares and other money-saving stuff.


    I soloed last year. I say ‘solo’ in the sense that I made the decision to go without having anyone else in mind. This quickly changed when the good sir @Mjolnir had an open call for someone to fill a spot in his hotel room also shared with @KayMonstar and Kay’s friend (whose name I have regrettably forgotten). So right off I found three notably awesome people and I hadn’t even arrived at the venue. Once you get in you find an atmosphere that’s so happy and energetic that you can’t help but assume everyone there is a friend.
    If you’re worried about how to approach these strangers, it’s really quite simple: say hi. Ask their opinion about a band that was recently on. We’re all nerds here; we like to talk about the things we like. Nerdapalooza is a collection of nerds who like generally the same stuff, you’re going to fit in fine. You WILL find cool people, you WILL exchange high-fives, and you WILL want to go back.

    I can’t though. October’s all sorts of busy for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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