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Nerdapalooza Hype Train

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    So we’re less than a month away from Nerdageddon; who else is getting hyped up? I know @Trench88 is already in the U.S again, and I should be along soon. Seriously stoked about this, you guys.

    Anyone got anything they’re particularly looking forward to? ‘Cause I’m just amazed at the whole deal with Valve. Never thought that would happen. It’s a great and kinda ironic way to dedicate it to Mike. I’m especially looking forward to their “surprise” announcement, now that the R18+ rating for videogames is going ahead in Australia at long last. And the logo’s a nice touch.

    Can’t wait to see you guys there! I’ll be sure to post a recap of my time there when I get back. It’s probably gonna get too crazy for me to remember to post while I’m actually there.

    ~Roy, July 20th, 2012




    It’s gonna rock this year. I was this close to not being able to come but I convinced my boss to hire a camera guy for the Vegas trip. Did you see that Nerdapalooza won Best of Orlando this year? Amazing right.

    He touched my balls alot.

    Sage Zer0

    Totally stoked. All the stuff that will be seen and done, it’s gonna be crazy. I hope I can get that cosplay I had planned ready in time.

    Kevin Wise

    I really wish I lived closer to Orlando. It’s a really long drive from Oklahoma when you’re broke.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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