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    I’m going to be writing a few articles for the All Nerds Collective, expect many of them to be Pokemon based.

    Let me know what you think.

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    RE: point #2 – “unnecessary junk”;

    I kinda liked them… well, I liked the (super)contests and the pokeathalon, they were amusing little mini-games that were completely skip-able if you didn’t want to do them, but something different to do if you needed a break from breeding/training.

    Gen V’s Pokemon Musical, however, was a complete waste of development time. Each pokemon having set hardpoints where accessories could be equipped (Pokemon without hands could not ‘hold’ things) was an improvement over just throwing accessories that matched the theme anywhere over your pokemon’s portrait… But there was just no meat to the musicals beyond dressing the pokemon up – the super contests at least had a minor follow the leader’s movements minigame, and then there was the move judging.

    What (I think) they need to do is take Gen V’s dress-up mechanics, and apply it to super contests, while making the contests work a little more like they were shown to in the anime – instead of just judging individual pokemon displaying a single move at a time for judges;
    -double (or even tripple) contest battles
    -losing HP doesn’t cause fainting but may impose other penalties – next attack won’t score as well, for example
    -attacks draw from an endurance pool – meaning you don’t just want to be using high-scoring attacks all the time
    -both pokemon use their attacks at the same time
    -some attack combinations lead to increased scoring (Petal Dance and Sword Dance, for example, might combine for a higher score)
    -this could make it so you don’t have to load your pokemon exclusively with beauty moves for a beaty contest. A tough move on its own may not score well, but paired with the right beauty move their combined score might be doubled or tripled.
    -you don’t perform for judges, you perform against an opponent in front of judges. At the end of the competition points are tallied and added up to see who won.
    -Some judges may have a certain bias – like they won’t be as swayed by a beauty+tough combination. So if you relied on that combination, that particular judge’s score might be lower, but will your score from the other judges make up for it?


    I basically agreed with everything in your post. Also, regarding the new art style, it’s very cartoony and basically what I would expect them to do for a more modernized look… and that’s just fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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