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    This Marathon idea will be about the little things(monster, animals, or toys) that cause big trouble.

    Movies list so far:
    gremlins 1 and 2
    all four critters movies
    small soldiers

    feel free to and more

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    Big Trouble in Little China, does that count? The Puppet Master movies, Chucky movies, Munchies, The Pit, Leprechaun, Ghoulies, My Pet Monster, Spaced Invaders, The Garbage Pail Kids movie.


    @Sacevagrant all of those will work

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    The Birds

    Courage TFM


    @thebigbadshadowman Has rezed this Marathon!


    Hijacking as I was watching one of my favorite movie today I just realized it fit into this topic, I am putting Mothra in this list.
    You may be thinking “Big Bad, Mothra is a giant monster how does that fit the topic?” Here is how it fits the Shobijin (“small beauties”) the two tiny priestesses are kidnapped from there Island which cause Mothra to go on her rampage

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    How about we do the Mothra trilogy instead of just ‘Mothra’? The Shobijin have much larger roles (including the evil Shobijin who causes plenty of large scale problems) anyways.
    Besides, if its gonna be a Nerdy Show monster movie marathon, you know we gotta have a daikaiju trilogy!

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."


    Ark those are some good points but I want to put the best foot forward when it comes to Mothra

    It's about "SHOW TIME" so drop by


    on a similar line of logic, perhaps Pulgasari
    In this case it starts out palm sized, but causes more and more trouble as it gets larger. Also on youtube so audience watching along is a win.

    I will also toss out Pom Poko

    A group of Raccoon’s (Tanuki) use their shape shifting abilities to terrorize a local populace in order to protect their habitat.

    Steam: Garayur

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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