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    IT’S RPG MONTH! We’re releasing episodes themed around tabletop roleplaying, hosting an RPG podcast panel at MegaCon, and now that Call of Cthulhu is recorded, holding a NEW RPG $upport drive where YOU choose the next system we play. Find out how to get involved here:

    Mouse Guard is an incredible comic series by David Petersen about brave warrior mice in an iron age, fighting for survival in their cities on the forest floor and dug into the earth. I can’t recommend it enough, check the series out here. Many of us at Nerdy Show are fans of the book, and there’s an official RPG based on this system, so we want to play it. You can find out more about the system here:

    Channing, aka DJ Snorlax from Derpy Show wants to get in on the Mouse Guard action. His character Garen is a very young mouse of the Guard who wields a fork in battle. You can read his origin story here: And if you’d like to see Garen in action back this system!

    If you want to discuss this system, or even the comics – this is your spot!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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