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    By now, you’ve hopefully heard The Real Congregation’s salute to Beatles covers. What’d ya think?

    Want more Beatles themed episodes in the future?

    Discuss it here!


    So Marc, you really don’t think it’s possible to not like the Beatles? How do you feel about that Tarrantino quote to the effect of “everyone is either a Beatles fan or an Elvis fan?”



    Ooof, that’s a toughie.

    In general, I don’t like Tarantino, so it’s hard for me to even field this question without considering the source, but pretending that he didn’t pose the theory, I’ll answer. My thoughts on this topic might even be kind of controversial, heh.

    Yes and no. Elvis fans versus Beatles fans was a very real thing some years ago, mostly built on stereotypes and upbringing. I tend to find that most of todays Elvis fanatics are sort of indoctrinated due to parental influence and a general sense of “Elvis is the king… RIGHT? Also, being gay is wrong and you’re gonna vote republican… RIGHT?”, while Beatles fans on the whole tend to be more liberal.

    But really, the argument of stereotypes and influnce that I’m spouting is a moot point: The Beatles probably wouldn’t have existed if John wasn’t such a raving Elvis fanatic, period.

    But just because someone might prefer Elvis to the fab four doesn’t mean that they won’t like any of their songs and vice versa. With such a wide and varying discography that encompasses so many genres and influences, a blind taste test of “lesser” Beatles material would probably surprise a naysayer at the amount of stuff that they enjoy. It’s not all “Love Me Do”. There’s a heavy Indian influence in the middle period of George’s songs, Paul pretty much invented the genre of whimsical and fey indie rock with some of his later music hall tunes, Ringo paved a major inroad for people with “unique” voices, and while John didn’t invent avant garde, he got it into literally millions of households with “Revolution #9”.

    I can believe that someone totally unfamiliar with the Beatles catalog can say that they dislike them and mean it. If they’ve actually heard it all and still make music in any way at all, I’m gonna take a “proof or GTFO” stance.

    Like it’s something you could prove, anyways, haha.

    With that mouthful being said, does anyone here actually know someone that truly detests everything they’ve ever heard related to the Beatles? I’d have to extend this to include also hating every rendition of a Beatles song by artists they *do* like, because… well, that right there would undo their argument completely.


    I’m almost completely indifferent to the Beatles, which is why I bring it up. I feel the same way about The Beatles as I do about religion: I can acknowledge it means a lot to a lot of people and has influenced the landscape of things I do care about in profound ways, but it does not factor into my daily life for even a second.


    More Beatles!!! I was so excited when i saw the name of the episode. The Beatle are my favorite band ever. Please more Beatles stuffs.


    I posted this in the old forums and it seems wildly appropriate assuming a Beatles tributes show does come to pass. It’s a copy of a tape called Everyday Chemistry stolen from a dimension where The Beatles never broke up. It has a interesting backstory also available on the site that I highly recommend.


    The Beatles were my gateway band into the world of rock. I was raised with a strongly conservative family and only listened to hymns and contemporary Christian music till my teens, when I started to rebel with the Beatles. So, I have no objection to hearing any of their songs.

    Some possible Beatles’ themes could be to expand on the band covers that have a unique take on the songs or history (I didn’t know about that performance by Hendrix [Nerd Cred +1]), or like what was mentioned in a previous thread, Fake Beatles Bootlegs.


    @MarcWithaC asks:
    does anyone here actually know someone that truly detests everything they’ve ever heard related to the Beatles?
    I’ve encountered a number of people over the years who misinterpreted John’s “We’re more popular than Jesus” quote as a statement of “We’re better than Jesus” and thus refuse to have anything to do with the Beatles. Of course they generally know so little about them that they probably sing along with their music when it comes on the radio without realizing they’re subjecting themselves to the Devil’s spawn, but I’m just sayin’….


    @Max – I hadn’t factored “indifference” into my statements, haha.

    @willdabeast97 – Okay! Next season, a few more tribute shows!

    @twomper – That story on the site is fascinating, but unfortunately, I’m a little underwhelmed by the contents of “the tape” so far, but I’m only on the second track now.

    @Anduin – I used to be a massive Beatles fan, but I moved onto other pastures after getting so familiar with the catalog that I was just sick to death of it. Nowadays, I’m a bit more into the solo catalogs. And I’ll have to investigate further into the “fake bootlegs”. The latter is just a massive underground world and I don’t know what the best entry point is.

    @keywestreactor – Sure. I went through some pretty dogmatic periods in my own life, and I know the exact phenomenon you’re talking about. Ultra conservative types get very, very scared of The Beatles to this day, not just because of John’s off the cuff remark (that he was right about, in my opinion), but also because it was so symbolic of a frenzy sweeping the nation(s), and all of the preaching against it had no effect – they couldn’t possibly derail it. Quickest way to tick off Baptists, right there.


    @MarcWithaC, I’m obligated by law to recommend Neil Young music for any compilation under consideration…

    Another of the Beatles “uncoverable” songs has been covered quite intriguingly by Neil over the last few years: A Day In The Life. He even performed it with Paul during a huge show in Hyde Park (shown on Paladia occassionally). He actually released it as a live performance video as an extra on the DVD package of his Fork In The Road album.

    Here’s a similar video of it from back when he first started covering it in 2008. Not unexpectedly, Old Black gets its strings ripped out before the song is over, but that’s far from the end….


    @keywestreactor – I might play that cover on the next Beatles tribute show. Great stuff, I’m a big Neil fan. But as it was, the tribute episode that’s already live has some pretty tasty stuff in it that you might enjoy!


    I am way behind in my podcast stack, so I just got through this now.

    I was just reminded during your bit about “Yesterday” of this:

    The Song Of The Century – Jason Salavon

    Artist who specializes in averaging (known for creating single images from every Playboy centerfold by decade) takes 27 renditions of Yesterday and queues them to hit the first phenome of the first word in synch and that’s pretty much it. It quickly devolves into a drunken aural orgy as each interperator keeps a different tempo.


    @Gimpeyjoe – The Evolution Control Committee did a very similar thing with “California Dreaming”. Check it out if you get a chance.


    Nice, that splice method was also used well by The Kleptones for Bohemian Rhapsody

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