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    So I’ve noticed that we seem to be in the quadruple digits again for the first time since the Bacon episode monstrosity (Just kidding. That video was awesome.). I know that you guys and gals all do this because it’s something that you enjoy. I don’t wanna put word in any other supporter’s mouth, but my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if one of the stretch goals were “Have a pizza party for A Comic Shop’s staff for their support” or “Send Cap, Hex and two friends of their choosing on an alcohol fueled shenanigan-fest at the next relevant comic-con.” I’d even throw in an extra $20.

    You guys work hard. It’d be nice to see you get some extra perks.

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.

    Sage Zer0

    DAMNIT! It was just at 930 yesterday, each hundred mark I was hoping to get close enough to hit one myself 🙁 my timing SUUUUUCKS. But grats on the 1k mark NS, bet you can feel the warm, salty nerd love all over you guys huh?

    Sage Zer0

    But to the point of this thread, I think this is a great idea Maraun.


    @Maraun Hey! Thanks, man! It’s really great to know that we’re being thought of so fondly. When it comes to support money, unless we’re working towards a hard goal, it’s safe to assume that the money will be put directly back into the show. Sometimes it’s for things like promotional tools: banners, fliers, or amorphous goals like the current “fund the run of D&D2. Fans are funding issue 2 of D&D, but we don’thave a specific quote so we’re working on more fluid parameters. Sometimes though fans do fund fun stuff that is a work-related expense. For example: pizza at big meetings, or, more recently lunch at a convention for the crew. So don’t worry, the love is being spread around!

    Now, if we can keep this up, the dream of getting compensation for the full-time hours I pull might get a little closer… but that’s a long-term goal.

    @OmniG-Sage0 You’re awesome, dude – thanks for the love. So salty!

    Colin Peterson

    @Maraun – thanks man! Yeah, sometimes folks have been kind enough to send in something like, “coffee money for editing the finale of Dnd” and such, and that’s awesome–we’ve used it for things like that when its specific. So…I’m not gonna turn it down, but I can’t speak for Nerdy Show as a whole when I say that. However, what I can say is that I think we would feel a little weird about if something like that was in fact an official goal…I don’t know why–I think its mostly because we put so many unpaid hours into the show that it would feel weird to get compensated by the fans in that way. Honestly, the only time I’d want to take money for the work on the show would be if we ever took on advertisements. But that being said in a rambley sort of way, we love what we do and the fact that you guys love us/it so much…it only makes it that much sweeter. If it wasn’t for the ongoing moral support (and I mean, obviously monetarily to a much lesser degree), Nerdy Show probably would have died a long time ago. Honestly, we can’t thank you guys enough for continuing to support what we do. And maybe one day more and more folks will be into the show, and we’ll grow to be a more recognized brand, and we’ll be able to make full time jobs out of this (man, that would be awesome). But until that day, we’ll keep chugging along–and its all because of folks like you, and all the others on the forums and elsewhere who support us any, and every way they can.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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