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    So apparently I have unwittingly acquired 3 microsodes and for the sake of convenience I’d like to merge them for one episode. Personally I’m out of ideas for a request so I seek the community’s input on topics. Anyone have an topic they feel has been overlooked? Thanks in advance for your input.


    Has there been one about Urban exploring yet? Like spelunking abandoned facilities and such?


    I’ve always wanted to see ‘What lies beneath NYC.’

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    hm…. Has there been an episode all about steampunk yet and can they get steam powered giraffe?

    For the Commonwealth!


    If you pick steampunk, I would request a discussion into why that name is terrible since it is by and large clockwork fantasy with nothing actually powered by steam, and no actual punks in it but fancy lads and ladies in top hats and goggles.


    Already did a Steampunk one anyway.

    Episode 150 :: Adventures in Steampunk with Bruce Boxleitner

    I’ll throw my hat into the ring and suggest a microsode about what’s wrong with Superman, and what should be done to fix it/him.

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    @jobarda Actually… you may have unwittingly acquired 3 micros recently, but you also has one in reserve – so 4 micros. If you choose to play them all at once that’s a full hour episode.

    Party party!


    @cap ah geez no pressure then or anything.
    Everyone else: thanks for your inputs, I’m not ignoring you all work’s just been hectic. I’m considering something combining the What lies beneath NY and urban exploring if possible I think that could be really cool I’d just like to flesh out the concept a bit before officially requesting it.


    As ins, Turtles and Rat Kings, CHUDS, alligators, and a fuckload of homeless people? Having lived in Manhattan, if you explore around the tunnels it can get real fucking scary real quick late at night. I worked as a cook and wouldn’t get out of work until near 2 am, grab a drink or two, and then go underground. There are some real crusty creatures that scurry around down there, and that’s not even talking about bugs and rats!


    @Cap so here it is. If you need it sent to you another way let me know but hopefully this will suffice. I know this is a lot but I wanted to give you all the freedom to cherry pick the things that make for the most interesting commentary.

    What Lies Beneath New York City and More!

    -Urban Exploring/Forgotten History
    -Ninja Turtles
    -Mole People
    -Urban Legends
    -Cryptozoology/Sewer Alligators and
    -Whatever else you’d like to add.


    @Jobarda Fear not, compadre – this will indeed suffice! Thanks! Pretty freaking cool that after all this time this most worthy subject has been reborn!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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