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    Hey gang,

    There’s a new article series at Nerdy Show: The Gazetteers. They’re an all-girl group of nerds who are doing articles twice a month. Some of them you know from our podcasts, some of them you’re just now meeting. Their first article is out today, as is a microsode introducing the group.

    Let us know what you think!

    Here’s where you can check all that out:

    The Gazetteers’ page

    “Meet The Gazetteers” Nerdy Show episode

    The Gazetteers’ first article: The Downfall of Toys



    Hey gang! We are so excited be doing this!



    Hey everyone! I am so excited to be apart of The Gazetteers! Hopefully we can get some good discussions going on here :). What did everyone think of our first articles on gender specific toys?



    I am just getting around to catching up on some of the more recent goings on with the Nerdy Show and affiliates and finally got a chance to read your article. I really like the idea of getting the perspective of a group of true “geeky” gals on interesting and informative topics. It’s always refreshing to see ladies who are able to give their opinion and point of view on things without the need to prove themselves. This line in your article’s intro is what sold me, “The Gazetteers are a group of like-minded nerd girls who are artists, engineers, and writers. This series isn’t about us telling you how awesome or misunderstood girl nerds are.” I really appreciate the openness and the attitude behind your purpose which is one of not feeling the need to prove your nerd cred to anyone.

    I found a lot of your collective opinions on gender bias in the toy industry to closely mirror my own. Your opinions and examples you showed of ways that the industry is already changing was enlightening. The bit about Hamleys changes were of particular interest to me, I love seeing how strides are being made to make children feel less restricted in their choice of playthings due to the color of an aisle. Which brings back very vivid memories of how I would avoid “the pink aisle” like the plague as a child while I was searching for the action figure aisle.

    All in all a great article and I really look forward to seeing the other topics your collective decides to discuss. Thanks for sharing!


    I would also like to say I look forward to any upcoming articles.

    For the Commonwealth!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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