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May Support Drive – Rewrite My Immortal!

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    Like so many of us, I’m sure, I listened to the Overclocked After Dark fanfic reading of My Immortal. In fact, my play count of the full audio file is…10. Sixty hours of my life I’ve spent listening to the reading. It’s oddly hypnotic.

    And while listening to it, I reached the conclusion that the story has potential. In spite of the spelling, grammar, dialogue, character names, clothing descriptions, song lyrics, Hot Topic merchandise, author notes, characters coming back from the dead, the Mary Sue author insert and so on, the actual story has the potential to be done well.

    A girl with Renfield’s, who has nothing and almost no one in her life, finding solace in one person in a magical world, then having it ripped from her as part of an evil force’s plan to get to a friend of hers, sending her on a perilous journey through time, where she can’t be sure who is truly a friend or foe, even risking falling in love with the evil force in the past; and it can only get more amazing from there!

    Yes, it would still be a silly AU Harry Potter fanfic, but with correct spelling and grammar, character names that a person of average intelligence can actually follow along with, plot and character interactions instead of highly detailed descriptions of what everyone is wearing, what song they’re listening to and some serious liberties with the original text, it could be a great fanfic.

    As I said, I’ve listened to this fanfic for a collective 60 hours, if not more. During that time, I’ve partially written in my head how the fanfic would be if it were good; and I’m serious about this. It really could be a good fanfic, and I know Nerdy Show could pull it off.

    And beyond everything else, imagine how great it would be to have someone write an ending to the fanfic. Approaching this seriously, not ironically, and trying to make it a real drama piece could result in the greatest fanfiction ever. Now who’s with me?



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