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    Hey, his has bugged me for a long time so I figured maybe I could harness the nerdy brains of the community here…

    I would love to find a zombie movie that does NOT “surprise” you with “humans are the real monster” angle and then act as if it’s super deep and the first one to think of it.

    I cannot honestly think up one zombie movie that doesn’t ignore the zombies halfway through, when Bubba announces that he’s going to be the new Murder King of Postapocalypticland. Alternatively you might have an evil corporation that figures that mass destruction equals financial gain somehow, but it’s never the damn zombies.

    The original Night of the Living Dead even does this when the cops go Darren Wilson on Ben… Even 28 Days Later – a movie that actually tried to make the zombies threatening – announces that the real problem is Doctor Who trying to organize a big rape-party, after that point the zombies don’t even exist.


    Warm bodies? Dead Alive/Braindaead? its not really my genre but I always understood that the humans as the monsters was always the point of zombies. They fill a niche as a human made natural disaster. They aren’t interesting in and of themselves. They don’t really have personalities so you can’t make them protagonists which means the story is usually about the humans, and the humans are usually responsible for the zombies. Showing humans as the real monsters is pretty much what zombies are for. If you want more of a horror bend there are usually better monsters for that. My guess is you are more likely to find what you are looking for in movies where the zombie virus is natural or movies where there is more of a comedic bend. There is at least one movie where it takes place from the zombies perspective.

    Steam: Garayur


    I know of a low budget movie from the zombie perspective, but I just can’t remember the name…. it was on Netflix about 4-5 years ago.


    @anduin I might have been Eeek a zombie, wgich did have a good take on it. But I agree with @M I hate seeing humans as the problems in the zombie epoch, especially when they have a common threat, too bad there are about as assholes out there to make this seem like a reasonable idea



    Well, sure, zombies are also scary conservatives to freak out liberal viewers.
    But I honestly don’t think every movie needs to be deep or smart, definitely doesn’t need to be gloomy. Sometimes it’s just nice to see a simple honest monster movie. As for zombies as natural disaster, that would be fine, just show some interesting dudes surviving the natural disaster without one of them deciding he’s the new Governor.

    Warm Bodies trailers kinda amused me (because Twilight), but I can’t honestly call that a zombie movie, those zombies clearly DID have personalities.


    I can think of movies which are decidedly not “Humans are the real monsters”, but not ones that are explicitly about the zombies rather than the (human) characters who happened to share a world with them.

    That said, I’m not totally sure what you’re looking for? Every zombie story I have ever seen, the zombies are fairly incidental. They serve as a horrific and strange disaster, but ultimately offer little to a narrative that a similarly large disaster would not offer. The main advantage they have is that A. They are pretty scary in a surreal sort of way and B. there presence makes for a good excuse at self-analysis.

    …Having said that, I think of a couple of stories that, while they may not technically be “all about the zombies”, do offer somewhat refreshing takes relative to what you seem to be complaining about:

    – Zombieland (Movie)
    – World War Z (Probably the Novel Only. By all accounts the movie is terrible)

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    @M, I’ve known that Christopher Eccleston played the antagonist in 28 days later and 9th doctor, but now I want to rewatch the reboot and each time the Doctor leads/leaves Rose in a room by herself, I have urge to yell “no, he’s going to rape you”

    I’m not sure if this new reaction is entirely appropriate.



    Or you can edit some scenes from both for the best fanmade 9th doctor episode ever…


    Z Nation looked like it would have in all it’s goofiness what I was looking for. And it is sort of fun. But it has a whole lot of what I call “Bubba episodes” (we’ve got regular wanna-be-king Bubbas, religion Bubbas (those are a classic), and even female misandrist Bubbas – a new take on the classic misguided world view Bubba).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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